remove screen protector

How to remove screen protector?

If your screen protector has broken and you want to remove screen protector and change it for another … and you do not know how to remove the tempered glass without breaking the screen … Do not get overwhelmed!

Here we have a compilation of the best ways and steps to do it.

How to remove the tempered glass from the mobile?

Here we share an easy and fast process, but you have to be careful and not use brute force because you could cause damage to the screen of your device, or cut yourself with broken glass.

Steps to remove screen protector

1- Remove the case from your device.

The first thing you are going to do is remove the case, in case you carry any so that it is easier to reach the ends of the protector.

2- Take out a hard plastic card.

You can use a credit card, ID or similar cards.

3- Start by taking off a corner.

Take the card and look for the corner of the screen protector that is less broken. Try to lift the corner of the shield slightly by inserting a card edge between the shield and the screen. Do not resort to brute force, try to do it delicately because you could damage the mobile screen or cut yourself with tempered glass.

4- How to take off the tempered glass?

When you manage to lift the corner of the protector, take off slowly by the edge towards the next nearest corner. Once you have the two corners of one side detached you just have to push the card gently through the center towards the other side and you will see how the entire protector is taking off.

5- Clean the screen.

If you want to put on a new protector, use the wipes and the adhesive included to clean the screen. First pass the wet wipe, then dry it and finally the adhesive sticker all over the screen. In case you do not put a new protector, clean the screen equally as small pieces of glass may be stuck. You can perfectly use a cloth dampened with a mild solvent, a dry microfiber cloth and a soft adhesive as substitutes.

Important: If you see that with the card you cannot take off the corner of your protector without having to apply a sudden force, it is better that you go to a professional store to have the tempered glass removed. It is much cheaper to pay for this service than to pay for the replacement of a screen.

This process is applicable in tempered glass screen protectors for any electronic device. Be it a mobile, a tablet, a watch or a video game console.

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