Samsung Focus

Samsung wants you to be more productive with Samsung Focus

Samsung is the biggest crisis that has been faced by problems with batteries Galaxy Note 7, but that does not stop them throwing other news, in this case, an app focused on productivity, which by the way it was meant to come standard with the Galaxy Note 7. Finally, Samsung Focus, as have dubbed this new tool, has taken a little longer than expected, but is now available for download.

Samsung Focus
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Samsung Focus is an application to improve productivity including several key areas such as e – mail, calendar to manage appointments, notes, and contacts. The downside is that, as expected, is only compatible with Samsung terminals.

Samsung Focus has a block design quite reminiscent Google Now cards, separating the content so that it is easier to locate different areas. As we mentioned, in from this app you can manage the calendar to have control on the upcoming scheduled appointments and syncs with Exchange and S Planner services to bring calendars to the same place.

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Paragraph mail is also compatible with Exchange, POP3 and IMAP servers, so you can add any mail account without any problem. It also has a section for storing notes and reminders of tasks that we have pending. It includes a search engine to easily find content within any section of the app.

Samsung Focus is now available for free download on Google Play, but remember that it is only compatible with Samsung terminals and also if they are only updated to version 6.0.1 Android Marshmallow, leaving out many terminals lower ranges or several years old.