Screens allows you to use split screen from the desktop in Nougat

The split screen (or the name you want to give each manufacturer) is a feature that allows us to harness the great power within the same show two different applications screens. One of the uses that can be given is to share a link in a simple way or take note of information that you are going through some messaging app.

Gradually, thanks to Android and manufacturers, is spreading this feature, but in many cases, to use the split screen, you have to open an application and then choose the other. But since yesterday there is an application that lets you do this from the desktop itself, Screens, an app that although it works well, it shows that is new (out yesterday).

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It is best to have Nougat installed, but if your terminal has split screen, you can try, but do not guarantee to let you install it. Screens use the split screen terminal itself, but instead of using it from an open app, lets you set a couple of applications and will become a shortcut on your home screen.

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Once you run that shortcut, both apps with split your terminal screen will be displayed. The app works with the vast majority of apps that support this feature, but will fail on occasion. It may not be the easiest way to use the split screen, but sometimes it’s better than the default method.

The developer in charge of, application Keep Away From Fire has also made the source code on GitHub for others to work with him. Screens contains no advertising or purchases anywhere within the application and, finally, requires given permission accessibility to use this feature.

Screens – Multi Window Manager

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Keep Away From Fire
  • Download: From Google Play