credit card on Instagram

How to set up the credit card on Instagram to make purchases on Android

Facebook is closing the circle that unites all its applications, apps that are counted among the most popular on the planet. The first great unifying step was made around the stories, which we can now publish on Facebook and Instagram, and even on WhatsApp. The next big step is to convert your apps, at least the social ones, into e-commerce portals.

Instagram was the last to receive, through an update, the latest functionality of the giant social networks. Now we can make purchases without leaving Instagram, without the need for advertising or purchase links to take us to an external website. We show you how to set up the credit card on Instagram, so you can take a tour, look at the shop windows and buy where you want.

credit card on InstagramHow to add one or more credit or debit cards to Instagram

The Instagram payment system configuration process is quite simple, and it will be enough to have an active user account on the platform. In addition, it can be done from the Android application itself, because iOS has not yet arrived, so it will be a matter of a couple of minutes. A few clicks, have the credit card handy and solved.

To begin, we go to our profile, with the button to the right of the lower bar, and we look for the three vertical points of the upper left, also the last of the icons in its row. When clicking, the configuration section of the application itself opens, and from there we can configure essential aspects of our account, such as the payment system we are looking for.

It is in the Account submenu, once we pass Invite friends and Follow other people, in which we find access to Payments. The interior of this menu is divided into three tabs. In the first we will have our activity, the purchases we have made so far, which should appear empty because we are configuring it.

It is the second tab that interests us, the so-called Profile. Access it with a touch or by sliding the screen to the left and we can click on “Add credit or debit card”. It is important to keep in mind that Instagram accepts both types of card, as this facilitates access to payments on your platform.

Instagram accepts several types of cards, and we can add the ones we want to pay at all times with the one that interests us the most.

To add the card we will have to enter the code of 16 digits of it, place the expiration date in its corresponding section, tell the security code (three digits on the back of the card, sometimes next to the text CCV), and finally our postal code, or the postal code to which the invoices of each of our purchases will be issued.

Once this is done, click on the validation in the upper right and you’re done. If we wish, we can add more credit cards to the application, so that we decide on each purchase to which entity to redirect the payment. We can manage several credit cards, or intersperse them with debit cards or virtual cards of the banks that offer them to us.

Add security to purchases

One last step, and this is important, is that we protect our card, and the app, against purchases without authorization. This is done from the following tab, called Security. Access to it, click on PIN and the Instagram app will ask us for a four-digit code, which must be entered twice, with which we will validate the purchases made within the app. Without the code, there will be no possible purchase. This will also be the place to go when we want to change the PIN, or directly deactivate it.

Once all these steps have been done, we will have configured our Instagram app to be able to make purchases from within it. Instagram specifies that the level of security of our data is very high, at the level of protection of a bank, so we should not be afraid when giving our credit card. It’s over, we can surf Instagram and buy when and how much we want.