ShareMe, the Xiaomi application with which to share all kinds of files between Android and the computer

How to send a file to any Android or share it with the computer? Android provides an endless number of applications, but you may not know that you can use a Xiaomi application: ShareMe. Heir to Mi Drop, this MIUI app is suitable for almost any Android, also for computers. And it works really well.

MIUI is one of the custom layers that has more of its own applications. Its own interface, gallery app, camera app, browser, sound and screen recorder, calculator, music player, file manager … So much for a long etcetera. And some of those applications are not only not exclusive to Xiaomi mobiles, they also offer a multitude of options to other devices. The web browser is an example, also its file sharing system: ShareMe. Have you never used it before? Let’s see what it can offer you.

Share what you want without the need for an Internet connection

The best thing about ShareMe is that you don’t need an internet connection to share files: the application can set up an access point to move apps, songs, documents and other files to other mobiles, tablets and computers. Everything in a simple way: just click on the ‘Receive’ or ‘Send’ buttons to execute any of the two actions. Select the opposite on the other device and you can move what you want in seconds.

Xiaomi’s ShareMe is a file manager that can share a huge variety of items through WiFi or without it. Once you have selected the file to send on one phone, and after clicking receive on the other, ShareMe will detect the two nearby devices to establish the connection and exchange. In the case of not being detected, the application allows capturing a QR in order to facilitate the connection; all through a simple, fast and secure process, both to initiate the transfer and for the shipment itself. In fact, and despite the fact that the devices can discover each other, the shipment will not be established until the users accept.

Shipments are fast since WiFi is used and not Bluetooth (both from the local network and from an access point created by the transferring mobile). ShareMe allows you to transfer any file on your phone, including installed applications. And it allows easy access to the desktop device thanks to the option ‘Connect with the computer’: the host mobile enables an FTP connection (it can be protected, at your choice) so that it is enough to connect from the desktop browser to access all the files of the telephone.

ShareMe is an extremely comprehensive exchange application, especially due to the stability and variety of the connections. From sending files via QR code to nearby devices to activating an exchange access point with everything you want to transfer, the possibilities are enormous. You can even summarize the downloads, ShareMe is very complete. In addition, it has no ads and is valid for almost all Android, it does not need to be Xiaomi.

If you have not yet used the application, and you are looking for an alternative to popular exchange applications such as Google Files, ShareMe is a very complete and versatile app, perfect as a Swiss Army knife when it comes to moving files.

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