Halloween apps

Six applications have a scary Halloween

The pagan festival par excellence is just around the corner and although according to that corner of the world you are that means more or less, it is undeniable that sinister pumpkins, skulls and murderers clowns have become internationalized. If you cannot beat them, join.

If you want to join the celebration without having to go door to door asking for candy, you can enjoy the dark spirit from the screen of your Android device with these applications for Halloween.

Halloween apps
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MSQRD is one of the best applications to apply real – time effects on the face. Since I bought, Facebook is a little abandoned, truth, and although it seems they will miss the opportunity to include the category of effects of terror, and comes standard with a few dark filters.

It is the case of sinister zombie clown and with which you can record a chilling video to scare your friends. If you are more than that to scare disguise, MSQRD has a lot of animals that decorate your face.

2. LINE Egg

LINE Egg is another application to apply effects in real time on your face. It is very similar to MSQRD, but with an obvious Asian flair obvious in many of the effects that are very “kawaii”, there is also room for the category Horror.

Egg LINE if you have done your homework for this Halloween, with two special effects difficult to describe. These join the other ten already had before, some really scary, and you have guaranteed fun.

3. ZombieBooth 2

After seeing a list ZombieBooth surely you’re wondering what year we are. Do not worry, we are still in 2016, but we cannot forget a classic in the generation faces of zombie like this.

ZombieBooth 2 is the sequel to ZombieBooth but is basically the same as the original. You must take a photo, adjust the markers and then you can customize your zombie face rotting skin or choosing which element is better stuck in your face. Some of them are extra.

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4. Pokémon GO

You probably have enough with three applications to modify your face until you become a zombie, vampire or the like. If you want to do something more fun, you can always go out there and catch a few Pokémon.

For Halloween, Niantic has doubled the population of wild Pokémon, especially ghost type. Pokémon hunt for Halloween also be good for your stock of sweets, then you’ll get twice as candy than usual.

5. GhostCam

Another classic of terror is GhostCam, a more or less automatic way of tweaking photos to include ghosts in them. It is a little dated in terms of interface design and advertising is full to the brim, but still has a huge selection of ghosts to choose from.

You can use the automatic mode, which adds the ghost alone, or manual, which can position your favorite ghost or paranormal creature wherever you look more creepy. The idea is to move the picture to a friend to discover yourself.

6. Pocket Ouija

Pocket Ouija is a Ouija board pocket that fits in your phone. The operation is the same as a normal table, but here the answer will appear on the screen. You must put your fingers on the screen, ask the question and wait for the answer. More apps reviews visit http://diffone.com/.