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Six Best Apps For Your Gaming PC

Looking for essential free apps for your new gaming PC? You’ve come to the right place. Here are few of them from best Australian casino online.

  1. Steam

It may be a little obvious that you should have Steam on your PC but for some, it just flies under the radar so it’s still incredibly important to mention. Steam is a staple for any PC gamer and will end up being one of the best and most useful free apps you have.

For those who are unaware, Steam is essentially software that acts as a store for all the games you choose to purchase on there. It’s pretty much the go-to place for developers when looking to publish their games since Steam sells every game available unless another company buys the rights to it. Nevertheless, you can buy anything from free-to-play games to brand new titles. Steam is a must-have, and it’s free to install. You still need to buy the games though.

  1. Razer Cortex: Game Booster

Don’t be fooled by the name. The Razer Cortex Game Booster isn’t just for those who have kitted their setup with all things Razer. It’s designed to optimize your PC’s settings no matter the gaming platform you choose to use. This free app is perfect for setups of any price, power, or performance and doesn’t need any PC wizardry to run it either. It will begin enhancing your settings instantly which makes it a wonderful app for your gaming PC, especially if it’s your first. It might be on Mateo Ronaldo’s gaming PC already.

  1. Discord

The days of Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are essentially long over. Even Skype is not nearly used as much for gaming as it once was. This might be due to many games developing their own chat systems, but the smart money bets on Discord. This likely includes anyone who has ever played Among Us. Its diversity of features, ubiquity and freemium model make it an obvious choice for many. Like Slack, it also allows for more organization within a single Discord. You can also navigate from one Discord to another seamlessly using the sidebar on mobile and desktop apps. With this app, you can chat with friends with casinos online freely.

  1. KeyTweak

Investing in a super high-end keyboard isn’t really necessary these days. You can get an RGB keyboard with cherry keys in a variety of designs for less than $30 in some cases. However, many players are also switching to non-traditional keyboards out of necessity or desire. This requires a program like KeyTweak that allows people to remap their keyboard layouts. The less than 500kb program doesn’t currently have dev support, but it is compatible with Windows 10 PCs. Some alternatives include programs like Autohotkey or Sharpkeys for people who want a supported program.

  1. SSD Fresh

While advanced Windows users can manually configure many of the options found in SSD Fresh, there’s no denying how easy the program makes the entire process. SSD Fresh will detect and scan your SSD drives to determine whether they’re running at peak efficiency. Chances are, they’ll be in the red-line when you first start the program up. A series of personal optimization choices will cause the needle to inch closer to the green, which indicates that your SSD is running at peak efficiency. It allows you to turn off Windows features such as Hibernate, Indexing and kernel swapping in order to free up resources and keep your drive running like a Ferrari.

  1. Equalizer APO

At first glance, this little program doesn’t look like much, but it’s actually one of the most robust audio equalizers available. It can act as a full-on replacement for a sound card’s undoubtedly limited audio options. Equalizer APO features a list of items that can be stacked vertically to customize the perfect sound environment. In addition to a 15-band, 31-band, and variable EQ, users can also stack a preamp, low and high pass filters, loudness correction, and VST plugins. Once configured, it will run silently in the background, eliminating the need to fuss with secondary audio apps.