Six ways to attract traffic to your blog

Thinking of beginning a blog but unsure how its going to gain attention? Perhaps your blog hasn’t been getting the traction you would like?

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If you find yourself in either situation, you may wonder how you can ensure that your blog is seen and more importantly, being read. Here are six ways to attract traffic to your blog to make this happen.

Know your audience

You need to decide who you are going to write for. What do they like and dislike? What are their interests? Understanding your audience means you will reach out to them directly through your content, helping to attract even more traffic.

Write frequently

You’ll need to write frequently to keep your readers updated. They will want to know more about what you’re writing about. Fresh content will score highly on Google, so the more you write, the more traffic you will receive.

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Promote on social media

Social media is one of the main ways to promote your blog, and if you spend time advertising it on different networks, they can become great sources of traffic. The more social media platforms that you use to promote your blog, the wider it will reach.

Adding visuals

Not only do photos and videos make the blog post more engaging, but they can also visually highlight and support your content.

Keywords and links

Keywords are one of the easiest ways to produce traffic as readers can use them to find a post you’ve written. It also helps Google understand what the page or post contains, which can result in more traffic from search engines. An example of this is if you’re writing about a domain name, you can incorporate this into the title, headline or within the body of the post, so Google will know what it’s about.

Using links such as works in a similar way, and it makes it easier for readers to discover what they are searching for.

Guest blogging

Inviting a guest blogger can provide a different perspective on a topic that you may have not thought about or know much about. Similarly, if you’re a guest on someone else’s blog, you can offer a different insight to their audience, helping to drive traffic to both sites and gaining more attention.