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Social networks and positioning: Social Media Optimization, necessary or prudent?

There are many factors that influence the organic or natural positioning of a website and the first of all is content.

Historically, relationships have helped us to sell, position our brands and achieve business expansion. Today social networks are not far from this concept with the difference that there are no boundaries to achieve this interpenetration between people.

Social Media
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Today the trend towards the creation of Web sites is more, every company, organization or person wants to be on the Internet, in part because the evolution of this technology has led us to meet the need to use this media for promotion our brand, product or services.

In addition, now everyone will have a Web page comes the big question: How do I get my website to appear on the first search engine results?

Statistics say that an Internet user in your search scans on average up to the third page of results, which means that if my Web site appears on the fourth page, and lost the opportunity to show to the world.

Here the importance of optimizing websites for search engines, if the structure of my site is not appealing to search engines, forget everything you ever find us.

There are many factors that influence the organic or natural positioning of a website and the first of all it is the content. The algorithms of search engines like Google, are created smart and have the ability to detect the quality of the contents of a page. Since duplicate to the interests and consumption data, content that is useful and provide interesting information that attracts people to consume it certainly will do well to your Web site texts.

With the implementation of social networking strategies in our company we can make our brand is positioned in the subconscious of fans and can even get to convert those who have not dared to consume our products or services loyal and regular customers.

One of the most important things in the digital marketing is the positioning of our websites in search engines, particularly Google, the most used search engine in the world.

Since the beginning of the internet, people have struggled to make their Web pages appear at the top a single search with a few words of reference.For this a number of strategies that can be organic or paid are used.

Today in addition to these strategies, the use of social networks and good reputation can enjoy a mark on them. The presence of a brand with relevant and interesting content, they are accompanied by a good community interaction, influence decisively in positioning. Moreover, social networks Google+ and YouTube, function as powerful drivers of search engines, especially Google to be part of their services and which the developer intends to show first results of these networks therefore you should show your product.

But this is not so simple, for good optimization Social Media (SMO) also must make good use of them, beginning to structure an excellent Bio with keywords or “Tags” and continuing with the publication of interesting content is shared by followers. The interaction you have with the community is also important in this task because search engines take into account this interaction taking these contents as important.

To finish them I can comment that in priorities to position in Google with social networks can establish the importance of each of them, starting to have a Google+ account with more than 100 followers and YouTube channel are direct services giant Internet and which are taken into account in the first instance by the search, passing second by a Fan Page on Facebook and ending with a Twitter account, whose contents help the SEO relevance.