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WhatsApp against Google Duo, who has the best video calls?

After months of rumors and beta versions that seemed to never end, video calls are finally coming to WhatsApp to all users. With this feature the most used communication app worldwide expands its functions beyond messaging, also betting on a more visual aspect as they did some of its competitors for some time. Meanwhile, Google bet on the opposite strategy and not mix the features in one app, but it offers them in separate services with Allo for messaging and Duo for video calls. Now…

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Google Duo

Google Duo, make a video call cannot be easier

As usual, Google always has some surprise in store for the Google I / O and there is always an atmosphere conducive mystery about the fate of some of its services. After years with Hangouts app bedside chat and video calls in June they had Allo and Duo, two new apps for communication. A few months later, we had a chance to try Duo, the app for video calls and a priori that appeared to be a tool for such use without much added and…

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