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What are the first five applications that we downloaded the brand new mobile?

The aliens of XCOM saga has sent me to do a sociological study of the first thing that happens to me, but as the first thing that occurred to me had nothing to do with Android, because I started thinking (something rare indeed). One of the most obvious things is that almost every day someone launches mobile again. The illusion that makes us when we opened the box containing our smartphone, full of plastic, with their accessories, plastic filled, a terminal that does not know…

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Social icons

The buttons and social icons rarely used by mobile

The mobile phone has become the device preferred Internet access for most Internet: there are more those who search through this apparatus, the consulting information and also those entering social networks, an activity that the smartphone is fully winning the game to computers: one must not forget that 60% of the time we invest in the mobile you spend on social networks. It seems logical, therefore, that mobile web icons integrate these social networks that users do not stop accede. And so, all means have…

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