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Can a browser bend your battery autonomy? In Opera they believe yes

The browser is usually the most commonly used OS users desktop application, so take advantage of that fact to try to squeeze the battery of our laptops is an ingenious idea. And it seems that engineers Opera has found it. A new edition of its browser developer manages to offer 50% more capacity in portable compared to Google Chrome, which according to officials of Opera may mean that depending on your hardware- Loggers several hours’ browser usage before reloading equipment.

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Yes, I still use Opera as only browser

Opera is one of the old rockers the world of browsers. He has been with us since 1994, although this time he has never blunted too and their use has been somewhat marginal. In addition, in 2013, its developers decided to abandon the development of its Presto engine to switch to WebKit, a restart of the project that by coming together with the loss of some of its features made many users abandon. But there are still many who continue to use it, not as…

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