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Six uses of Telegram beyond talking to your friends

Telegram is one of the best messaging applications available today. It has its defenders and detractors, although it seems that something is agreed on something: technically it is well, being the biggest snag that not everyone uses it. Little can be done about it, although the truth is that Telegram can also be useful for many more things besides talking to your friends. Perhaps it does not reach the height of Allo, which I baptized as the best messaging application to speak alone, but it…

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Telegram is updated in Windows for PC with a new design and support for themes

When we refer to messaging applications is always WhatsApp the application that comes to mind … at least at first. And if you think about it, the app that really interesting new features to this scenario is Telegram. it is rare that it is not the most used application. For the advantages among which especially being multi-platform and have desktop applications so that we can use on our desktops. This way we gain time in our chores and we do not have to leave the…

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How to delete Telegram messages for the sender and receiver

Communicating through a messaging app has its advantages. In addition to the immediacy, it is also a good way of saying things that we may not dare to say face to face. But this messaging also has a double edge, it is that if we say something and then we repent, our phrase will be recorded for posterity or not. Telegram announced today a new version of its app in which the option to delete messages and these disappear for both the sender and the…

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Could Google fix its total failure in social buying Telegram?

What happens to Google in the field of instant messaging? The search giant should be able to compete in this market, but surprisingly none of his attempts in this segment have achieved the expected results. Now we have known the rumors that speak of potential interest in buying Telegram 1,000 million dollars, and although Telegram denies these negotiations, something good would that do? Hard to say, but this instant messaging application is the only one that has managed to stay as a real alternative to…

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