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LinkedIn comes to the pass and denies that your app will stop receiving support in Windows Phone

We have spoken here on different occasions [the purchase that Microsoft made with LinkedIn at the time. A purchase to have more presence within social networks in labor and with which many would think from Redmond to enhance labor app social network. But apparently is not being all so pleasant to LinkedIn from Since his passing at the hands of Microsoft, at least if we look at facts as the disappearance of the app in Russia or this that concerns us and which features to…

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Microsoft Selfie is updated to Android devices for when Windows Phone

When we talk about companies like Apple, Google or Microsoft, what concerns us, often and mistakenly we think that it is corporations that focus only on their own products and nothing is further from reality, at least not in a world overall like this. And is that to maximize benefits when they tend to throw its tentacles into other platforms. Thus we see Google applications for iOS, iOS for … well, in this case is more difficult although iTunes for Windows can be an example…

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WhatsApp makes cleaning, end of the year will only be on Android, iOS and Windows Phone

WhatsApp was the first to reach the battle for mobile messaging, and hence proceeds much of his success. As described in his blog, when WhatsApp began their wanderings in 2009 the mobile ecosystem was very different: the 70% of mobile selling system they had Nokia or BlackBerry. It is not surprising therefore that WhatsApp is available for a range of platforms “minority” that a new application would normally overlook. This is the case of the version of WhatsApp for Symbian, Nokia Series 40, Blackberry or older versions of Android like Android 2.1.

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