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The 19 games and essential applications for Gear VR glasses

In the market for affordable VR glasses, in addition to the Cardboard, the model that marks the reference is the Gear VR of Samsung, of which there is a new version with remote control.

If you have Gear VR glasses or plan to buy some, we have selected the 19 essential games and applications to take full advantage of these virtual reality glasses.

The best games and applications for Gear VR glasses

The Samsung Gear VR glasses have gained momentum due to their price reduction and different promotions associated with the launches of their high-end smartphones such as the Galaxy S7 or S8. This type of devices, both Samsung and CardBoard type, require a smartphone to be used primarily as a screen.

In all cases, for now the use of VR glasses moves around immersive home theater experiences, games from a different point of view and now eminently social applications.

The Gear VR glasses feature Oculus technology, and part of its content, applications and games is in the virtual reality giant’s own store. Although the company puts in our glasses more than 200 applications and games as available, in Engadget we have selected those that really are worth it and for which you surely want to buy virtual reality glasses (or much better if you have got them for free).

Application for VR glasses
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Dark Days

The fashion of the Scape Rooms has in virtual reality a perfect thread. A motel and different challenges / puzzles to be solved in order to succeed in the experience.

Minecraft Gear VR

The Minecraft universe, with those pixels and simple mechanics based on move and build, is perfectly recreated in the version that Mojang and Microsoft have released for Gear VR.

Hitman Go: VR Edition

The Hitman universe in a format you did not expect based on models. The version for the Gear VR or the Oculus is a turn-based strategy game where you have to overcome riddles, unexpected rivals and many puzzles and mazes.

Star map

The gesture of looking at the sky and moving through all those stars, planets and constellations is another of the environments that match perfectly with virtual reality glasses. This simulation in real time allows you to travel the entire solar system with your VR glasses without leaving home.

Swat Academy

A first person shooter where our ability moving between tests and challenges will serve us to be a soldier who will face, of course, zombies.


A jump into the void that becomes a test of aim and skill in which we must add points or make the journey in the shortest time possible. There are different scenarios, but all of them recreated and not real.


The puzzles, construction challenges and puzzles are the most used in virtual reality. Rangi does not have excessive difficulty and its appeal is in the music and the tribal environment of the African continent.

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Micro Machines VR Racer

In virtual reality could not miss the miniature cars par excellence. Racing through environments where you would not think you could run is the basis of this game with some reminiscence of Mario Kart.

Land’s End

Citing Monument Valley should be enough for this game for the Gear VR to be a must when it comes to releasing your Samsung glasses. In addition to amazing landscapes and amazing creative work, Land’s End takes full advantage of the current development situation of the VR in games in glasses like these.

The controls are performed by moving the head, and with it we can go into an interactive story in which the mission is to solve puzzles.

VR Karts: Sprint

In virtual reality games, driving simulators have everything to win and among the current possibilities, the VR Karts solution is the one you should try. The version for Gear VR is called VR Karts: Sprint and inherits performance from the one created for the Oculus glasses.

If you have ever played Mario Kart, this Viewpoint Games title collects much of the great Nintendo title, which is not bad news. There is not much variety of scenarios or races, and do not forget that you will have to use your “virtual look”, that is, head movements, to aim and shoot the weapons with which to advance in the race.

Eve’s Gunjack

Another classic that can not be missed in the virtual reality games catalog is a shooter. The best right now for Gear VR is the ambitious Eve’s Gunjack , set in the EVE universe.

In this game we take on the role of a shooter who must finish everything he tries to get close to his position. Defend it or die One of the best examples of graphics that take advantage of the power of the most current smartphones. It has a price of $ 9.99.

Temple Run VR

A classic that was born on mobile platforms has its immersive version for virtual reality glasses like the Gear VR.

The game is free, which is always appreciated, and if you already spent the game on your smartphone, it is almost better because you know the basic mechanics (dodge and collect) but wins in attractiveness for the new point of view in which you must run.

Herobound: Spirit Champion

The adventure, if it is in the first person, much better. That’s what they think about GunfireGames, which has one of the most complete and long games for Gear glasses. In its four areas we can find challenges in the form of combats but also puzzles and riddles to solve.

You have to download it directly from the Oculus store in your glasses, and it costs $ 9.99 .


The horror has an excellent fit in virtual reality. It is a genre that in both games and fiction brings out the best in wearing glasses for a more immersive experience. More fear

Dreadhalls has been released for Gear VR before it reaches Oculus for adults, so you have the challenge of escaping from a dungeon without any creature catching you before. And everything with very little light. It costs currently $ 9.99.

Anshar Wars 2

Without control in between we can control the spaceship of which we are pilots. Using the head movements in Anshar Wars 2 we can pilot different ships (3 in total) and cross space. To select weapons and shoot you have to resort to the physical controls of the glasses.

The story is made up of 13 individual but related missions. Its price is the highest of games for the Gear VR: $ 14.99.

Velocity Escape

If 3D made sense in movies like Gravity, with virtual reality, space has another ally. The game Escape Velocity gives us the opportunity to become an astronaut of the International Space Station who must make an exit to repair a defective element and then try to survive in outer space with his backpack propellant. Do not you want to feel like Matt Damon on Mars?

Like some other games for Gear VR, the initial levels are not all that should be at the end, so it has a starting price of $ 2.99.

Cityscape Repairman

What to maneuver and perform tasks that make a lot of sense when they live (and see) in the first person is very recurrent in the games for virtual reality. CityScape Repairman gives us a job as maintenance manager of an industrial area that we always have to have ready and working properly.

This game for Gear VR can now be downloaded for $ 2.99 and consists of 13 levels to overcome.


One of the best uses that you will give the Gear VR will be to view videos as if they were a personal and exclusive cinema. And there Netflix had to be. Its application is one of the few third-parties that dare to take a serious step in virtual reality. For now only with 480p resolution.

Titans of Space

The space is going to give us a lot of play in virtual reality, with even educational touches like the ones in this application. In Titans of Space we can take a tour of planets and stars, approaching them and moving around to get to know them in more detail.