The 8 Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

The 8 Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps in 2023 [Tested]

Jailbreaking your iPhone opens up a whole new world of customization, personalization, and enhanced functionality. By removing Apple’s restrictions on iOS, the best jailbreaking gives you access to tweaks, iPhone jailbreak apps, and features that you can’t get on a stock iPhone.

In 2023, jailbreaking is better than ever with new tools like Unc0ver and Checkra1n that work on the latest iOS versions. While the jailbreak scene isn’t as bustling as it once was, there are still some fantastic best iPhone jailbreak apps that are worth checking out if you decide to jailbreak your iPhone.

I’ve been jailbreaking my iPhones for over a decade and have tried hundreds of different iPhone jailbreak apps and tweaks. In this article, I’ll share my picks for the 8 best jailbreaking apps to supercharge your jailbroken iPhone in 2023. I’ve personally used and tested each of these apps extensively. Let’s get started!

1. Cydia

First up on our list is Cydia, which is essentially the App Store for jailbroken iPhones. Developed by Jay Freeman (aka Saurik), Cydia is a must-have app that lets you browse and download jailbreak iphone apps and themes.

After jailbreaking your iPhone with Unc0ver or Checkra1n, Cydia will automatically be installed on your device. From there, you can open the app and explore the countless jailbreak add-ons available for free or purchase. Cydia neatly organizes tweaks into categories like Tweaks, Themes, Games, etc. which makes it easy to discover new apps and tools to install.

Some of my favorite things to get on Cydia include customization tweaks like themes, status bar modifications, notification center widgets, and enhanced control center tools. It’s also a great place to find system-level tweaks that add new features or optimize performance on your iPhone jailbreak apps.

Overall, Cydia should be one of the first apps for jailbroken iPhone you check out after jailbreaking. It truly unlocks the full potential of what you can do on a jailbroken iPhone.

Best iPhone Jailbreak Apps

2. Activator

If I had to choose one jailbreak app that I couldn’t live without, Activator would be it. Activator lets you set up custom gestures and button shortcuts to perform various actions on your iPhone. It’s like having complete control to create your own system gestures.

For example, you could set a triple click of the home button to launch the camera. Or a swipe up gesture on the lock screen to mute your volume. The possibilities are endless with the level of customization Activator provides.

Some of my favorite Activator uses include:

  • Double tap status bar to lock device
  • Hold volume up & down buttons to respring
  • Swipe right on status bar to control brightness
  • 3D Touch bottom right corner to open Control Center

Activator integrates with many other jailbreak tweaks and apps to allow gestures and shortcuts that aren’t normally possible on iOS. It takes some time to configure everything just right, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. The developer, Ryan Petrich, is also very responsive and frequently updates Activator with new features and fix bugs.

If you want to truly make your iPhone your own with customized gestures and shortcuts, Activator is a must-have jailbreak iphone app.

3. Filza File Manager

For advanced users who really want to dig under the hood of their iPhones, Filza File Manager is an invaluable utility. The best jailbrake gives you complete access to the root file system on your device so you can view, edit, delete, move, and modify files and folders at will.

Having this level of file system access allows you to do things like:

  • Manually edit system files and tweak preferences
  • Delete unwanted apps and files taking up space
  • Add/edit text files, images, or media directly on device storage
  • Copy, paste, rename, encrypt, unzip files
  • Apply themes or custom boot logos
  • Backup important data from your device

Filza provides a clean and easy to use file browser with support for third-party storage providers like iCloud, Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, and more.

While you need to be careful when editing system files, Filza is a must-have utility for any jailbreak user who wants access to the guts of their device. It’s an extremely powerful tool for both troubleshooting and customization.

4. AppSync Unified

A major benefit of iphone jailbreaking app is the ability to install apps and tweaks outside of the official App Store. However, sideloaded apps normally won’t sync data or update properly unless you have AppSync Unified installed.

AppSync removes many of the restrictions around sideloading on iOS, enabling sideloaded apps to function just like App Store apps. This lets you keep sideloaded apps updated, maintain your data/settings, and even restore from an iCloud backup.

Some key benefits of AppSync Unified include:

  • Sideloaded apps remain installed after an iPhone reset
  • Apps still appear properly on the home screen after reset
  • App data and settings are maintained after a reset
  • Sideloaded apps will update like normal App Store apps
  • iCloud backups actually backup sideloaded apps and data

This jailbreak tweak removes a massive headache around app revokes and data loss for sideloaded apps. It just makes third party apps feel like native iOS apps. AppSync Unified is a must for any jailbreaker who installs a lot of sideloaded IPAs outside the App Store.

The developer, Linus Yang, frequently updates the tweak for compatibility with the latest iOS versions. It’s compatible with both the Checkra1n and Unc0ver jailbreak methods.

5. Springtomize 5

For deep system-level customization on your iPhone, Springtomize 5 gives you tons of options and tweaks to make iOS work exactly how you want. With this app, you can:

  • Customize the iOS grid with more icons and layouts
  • Resize, hide, or rearrange icons and UI elements
  • Enable new gestures like tap to sleep and 5 icon dock
  • Customize the look of the lock screen, Control Center, folders, and more
  • Animate iOS with new opening and closing effects for apps
  • Adjust system animations and speeds to perform smoother

Springtomize 5 basically lets you adjust aspects of iOS that normally can’t be changed without jailbreaking. Everything from custom icon layouts, new gestures and animations, rearranged UI elements, and more. It provides an insane level of customization for those who want to make their iPhone stand out.

The tweak is extremely stable and polished, with a simple settings menu to control all the options. Springtomize 5 was developed by sharedRoutine, known for making flexible and customizable iPhone jailbreak apps.

If you want to mold your iPhone’s interface exactly how you want it, Springtomize 5 is one of the most comprehensive tweaks for deep system-level changes.

6. iCleaner Pro

Over time, cached files, unused dependencies, and other junk can build up on your iPhone and negatively impact performance. iCleaner Pro gives you an easy way to clean up this junk and reclaim storage space.

With detailed storage analysis and a powerful cleaning tool, iCleaner Pro helps speed up your iPhone and optimize storage. Main features include:

  • Scan and remove cached app data
  • Disable unused launch daemons
  • Selectively delete unneeded files
  • View detailed storage usage statistics
  • Remove unused dependencies from Cydia
  • Disable unused stock iOS features
  • Multi-language support

I run iCleaner Pro around once per week to keep my iPhone clean and speedy. It’s able to clean up GBs worth of unnecessary cached and temp files that stock iOS doesn’t touch. The detailed statistics help you understand exactly what’s using space on your device.

Developer Ivanov Victor has kept iCleaner Pro updated for years and optimized it for modern versions of iOS/Cydia. It’s a must for keeping your jailbroken iPhone optimized over time.

7. Safari Plus

For web surfing and browsing, Safari Plus unlocks some useful tweaks and enhancements for the stock iOS Safari app. With Safari Plus you can:

  • Download videos, music, photos from any website
  • Block ads with universal ad blocker
  • Use third-party extensions like AdGuard, ScriptSafe, etc.
  • Always open web links in actual Safari
  • Enable full-screen mode and bottom tabs
  • Import/export bookmarks and settings

The tweak essentially gives desktop-class features to mobile Safari. Things like ad blocking, extensions, and download managers make browsing the web much more enjoyable. Safari Plus also forces links from other apps to open in actual Safari instead of Safari View Controller.

The tweak is open source and updated often by developer Dynastic. If you do a lot of web browsing on your iPhone, Safari Plus is an essential jailbreak download.

8. SwipeExtenderX

My last pick is a simple iphone jailbreaking app but super useful tweak called SwipeExtenderX. This app lets you set custom actions for swiping left/right on app icons from the home screen.

For example, you could swipe right on the Phone app icon to redial your last number called. Or swipe left on Photos to immediately open your Screenshots album.

With literally endless actions and options, SwipeExtenderX allows quick one-handed shortcuts from the home screen. You can launch apps, toggle settings, run Activator actions, and more with just an icon swipe.

Developer AnthoPak has kept SwipeExtenderX updated for years and added useful features like haptic feedback and icon outlines for the swipe zones. It’s one of my essential tweaks for speeding up the common jailbreak iphone app.

More iPhone Jailbreak Apps in 2023:

Shuffle – Supercharge Your App Switcher

The standard iOS app switcher allows you to quickly move between your open apps. But the default experience is rather barebones. This is where a tweak like Shuffle comes in. It completely transforms and modernizes the app switcher with customizable layouts and handy new features.

Shuffle expands your switcher to a full page display, so you can see more apps at once. But the real magic is the tweak’s extensive theming options. You can adjust the app icon size, background colors, spacing, and even enable fun effects like bounce animations when switching between apps.

The tweak also integrates powerful app actions into the switcher. You can force close apps, enter jiggle mode to rearrange icons, and enter split screen multitasking. Shuffle streamlines app management from the switcher view.

If you frequently hop between apps and want to upgrade from the basic switcher UI, Shuffle is a must-have Cydia download in 2023. The tons of configuration options allow you to tailor the experience to match your workflow.

Unc0ver – The Most Popular iOS Jailbreak Tool

When it comes to iOS jailbreaking, Unc0ver reigns supreme as the most trusted and widely used tool for hacktivating your iPhone. Developed by the famed Pwn20wnd jailbreak team, Unc0ver has an unparalleled track record of quickly jailbreaking new iOS versions before Apple can patch the vulnerabilities.

Unc0ver’s combination of sophistication and reliability has earned it a huge following in the iOS jailbreak community. It just works flawlessly on a wide range of devices. The tool even allows you to easily restore RootFS and revert your device back to an unmodified state.

As long as the iPhone jailbreaking scene remains active, you can count on the Unc0ver team to rapidly update their solution to hack the latest iOS releases. We expect Unc0ver to once again be the first tool to jailbreak iOS 17 and support all compatible iPhones when it launches.

If you plan on jailbreaking your iPhone in 2023, Unc0ver should undoubtedly be your jailbreak tool of choice. The constantly updated app delivers a smooth and hassle-free jailbreaking experience.

More iPhone Jailbreak Apps in 2023:

BioLockdown – Secure Personal Apps with Touch ID

Maintaining privacy on your iPhone is difficult when friends and family members occasionally use your device. You likely have personal apps like financial trackers, dating apps, or social media with private messages that you don’t want others accessing. This is where BioLockdown comes in handy.

BioLockdown lets you lock down specific apps with Touch ID or Face ID. You can configure the tweak to require biometric authentication before launching certain apps of your choosing. It’s a quick and convenient way to add an extra layer of security for your sensitive iPhone apps.

The tweak includes a variety of customization options as well. You can enable an authentication time delay after initially unlocking your iPhone before BioLockdown protects the apps. There are also different interface designs to match your iPhone’s aesthetics.

In 2023, BioLockdown remains one of the best Cydia downloads for securing personal iPhone apps and private information. No more worries about prying eyes next time you hand your phone to kids or friends!

Auxo 3 – Multitask Like a Pro

Apple has gradually enhanced iOS multitasking capabilities over the years, but the experience remains fairly limited. For true multitasking mastery on your iPhone, a Cydia tweak like Auxo 3 is ideal. This powerful addon completely reimagines and supercharges your iPhone’s multitasking interface.

Auxo 3 replaces the standard app switcher with a gorgeous new card-style interface. All your open apps appear as cards that you can quickly scroll through and preview. The tweak adds useful app closing gestures like swiping up or down to dismiss apps. But the real advantage is Auxo’s fantastic split screen and slide over implementation.

With Auxo 3, you can easily run multiple apps simultaneously. Drag an app from the multitasking view into slide over to keep it open in a floating window as you continue using your iPhone. Or drag two apps into split screen to view them side-by-side.

If you constantly juggle multiple apps for work or play, Auxo 3 amplifies your iPhone’s otherwise limited multitasking capabilities. The tweak elegantly combines form and function for a profoundly improved multitasking experience compared to stock iOS.

Apptoko – Discover Amazing Jailbreak Tweaks

The Cydia store contains thousands of tweaks, apps, and themes to customize your jailbroken iPhone. But discovering the best gems can be challenging without a proper Cydia app store. This is where Apptoko comes in as an indispensable discovery tool.

Apptoko bills itself as an improved Cydia storefront focused solely on promoting quality iPhone jailbreak apps and tweaks. And the repository lives up to its reputation. Apptoko makes jailbreak app discovery fun by showcasing beautiful icon designs and eye-catching trailers.

You can easily browse tweaks by category or search for apps that theme specific iPhone elements. Ratings, comments, and screenshots help you evaluate apps at a glance. Once you find an appealing tweak, you can directly install it from Apptoko.

For both novice and veteran jailbreakers alike, Apptoko is the ultimate destination for uncovering amazing tweaks, apps, and themes to deck out your hacked iPhone in 2023. The gorgeous modern storefront design feels right at home on iOS.

Cylinder – Ditch the Static Home Screen

Customizing your iPhone’s home screen with cool icons and widgets is great, but the layout itself remains stubbornly static. Cylinder brings your icons to life with stunning 3D animations and transitions whenever you swipe between home screen pages.

Cylinder includes a massive library of diverse effects ranging from simple icon sliding to dynamic transitions with physics effects. You can make your icons roll, flip, fold, or even explode onto the screen.

With so many effects to mix and match, Cylinder allows you to create endlessly unique home screen transition animations. You can tailor the motions to precisely match your personality. The tweak livens up your home screen and makes swiping between pages far more fun.

Don’t settle for the stale stock paging animations on your iPhone’s home screen. Cylinder is sure to be one of the top downloaded jailbreak tweaks in 2023 thanks to its fun factor and style.

Reborn – Revive Your Old iPhone

As Apple releases tempting new iPhone models each year, it’s easy to neglect older generation devices. But if you don’t quite feel ready to upgrade, the Reborn Cydia tweak can give your aging iPhone new life. This clever addon rolls back iOS updates to mimic the interface and feature set of previous iOS versions.

Reborn allows you to “downgrade” to iOS aesthetics and functionality from years past. You can make a newer iPhone model like the iPhone 12 Pro run like it’s straight out of 2015. This helps restore peak performance and battery life that deteriorate as Apple piles on more demanding features with each iOS release.

But the nostalgia factor is Reborn’s real charm. Long-time iPhone aficionados will adore returning to retro iOS interfaces. Running brand new iPhone hardware with a classic software experience is a joy. Reborn offers a fresh and fun way to rejuvenate your old iPhone in 2023.

ReachApp – One-Handed iPhone Bliss

As Apple packs more screen real estate into each new iPhone model, comfortably using these mega-phones with one hand is increasingly tricky. ReachApp provides the perfect solution to this modern problem by intelligently moving screen elements within easy thumb reach.

The Cydia tweak pushes down interface components at the extremes of the screen towards the bottom where your thumb rests. This places all buttons, toggles, and navigation elements well within reach of your thumb without needing to adjust your grip.

ReachApp works across iOS so you get enhanced one-handed usability in apps and system interfaces. But the tweak offers ample customization options. You can configure the optimal activation area, trigger method, interface offset distance, and other parameters.

Big-screen phones certainly have their benefits, but default iOS isn’t designed for true one-handed ergonomics. ReachApp gives users a more comfortable and easier one-handed iPhone experience. It will likely remain a must-have jailbreak download for large-screen iPhones in 2023 and beyond.

Which iPhone Jailbreak Tweaks Are You Most Excited to Try in 2023?

Even as Apple locks down iOS more and more with each new version, the jailbreak community persists in pushing the boundaries of what iPhones can do. Thanks to the incredible work of jailbreak developers, you can take full control over customizing your iPhone and unlocking bonus features through Cydia tweaks.

In 2023, jailbreaking remains the ultimate way of making your iPhone uniquely yours. We hope this overview gets you excited about the amazing tweaks and apps set to launch throughout the year. Expanding your iPhone’s capabilities beyond Apple’s rigid restrictions is an empowering and fun experience every iPhone user should try.

Final Thoughts

In the fast-evolving world of smartphone customization, finding the best jailbreaking iPhone apps can be a daunting task. But fear not, for we’ve meticulously curated a list of the most cutting-edge and feature-rich jailbreak iPhone apps for 2023. These apps are not just your run-of-the-mill options; they represent the pinnacle of what your jailbroken iPhone can achieve.

If you’ve ever felt restricted by the limitations of your iPhone, these apps are your solution for veterinarians, as they tackle the problem of Apple’s tight control over iOS, offering a plethora of features and functionalities that’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t dive into the world of jailbreaking sooner, especially when searching for the best iPhone apps tailored to veterinarians.

From unleashing the full potential of your device to enhancing customization, security, and productivity, these best jailbreaking apps are a testament to the limitless possibilities of your iPhone. So, why settle for the ordinary when you can have the extraordinary? Embrace the future with the best iPhone jailbreak apps for your jailbroken iPhone in 2023, and experience iOS like never before.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about best jailbreaking iPhones:

Q: Is jailbreaking illegal?

A: No, jailbreaking is legal in the United States and many other countries. However, it does void Apple’s warranty on your device.

Q: Does jailbreaking slow down my iPhone?

A: Jailbreaking itself does not slow down your iPhone. However, some tweaks and apps you install afterward could impact performance if not optimized well. Overall, a jailbroken iPhone can be kept just as smooth and fast as stock iOS.

Q: Can I un-jailbreak and go back to normal iOS?

A: Yes, you can easily remove a jailbreak and revert back to stock iOS if desired. The process is called “restoring rootFS” and can be done right from the jailbreak app.

Q: Will jailbreaking prevent my iPhone from getting iOS updates?

A: Jailbreaking does prevent you from doing major iOS version updates through Settings. However, you can always restore to the latest firmware and re-jailbreak after updating.

Q: Is jailbreaking safe for my personal data?

A: As long as you are prudent about only installing reputable apps from trusted developers, jailbreaking itself is safe for your data. Just stick to tweaks from default Cydia repositories.