best apps to record singing

The best apps to record singing

If you dream of being a professional singer, but you don’t have the necessary resources for a singing course or something similar. There are other alternatives to achieve this, among them are the 6 of the best apps to record singing.

Best apps to record singing

With these Android Apps For Singers you can find exercises for the voice, karaokes and programs to record and practice how your voice comes out, at we want to put at your fingertips a list of the best, take a look. Read also: BEST NIGHT VISION APPS TO SEE IN THE DARK

best apps to record singing

1. Voice training

We start this top with an Application to learn how to improve your technique, it is Voice Training, this gives you some exercises that show you how tuned you are, once you do the test you can start training.

The exercises were carried out with the collaboration of professional experts in the field, which gives you the necessary tools to improve, and if it is free.

On the other hand, Voice Training will make you feel like you are in a real studio since you have the piano that measures your notes according to the key you press so that you feel like you are in a live and direct class.

Sees increasing level and keeps a record of your progress each learn something new or upload a note, we invite you to try.

2. Sing Karaoke

If you love going to Karaoke and having people hear your glorious voice, we have what you are looking for. Sing Karaoke is one of the Android Applications for Singers that you are going to want to have, you are going to have a great community to show your talent to whenever you want.

You have at your disposal millions of songs with the lyrics and you can even connect to make a duet with the person you want! Without having to pay a penny.

Also, Canta Karaoke has effects and editing tools for you to give that touch to your videos. Share with your friends through social networks so that everyone knows your talent.

Record your tracks as if you were a cappella of your favorite songs, and the people who listen to you can punctuate your songs, the truth is very funny.

3. Vocal coach

Start training your voice from scratch with the techniques used by professional artists, which you will find with the Vocal Trainer App. This tool gives you detailed information from how to take care of your voice to diaphragm breathing techniques.

Experience makes perfect, and this application is based on it since it teaches you the basic notions of singing from scratch.

Meanwhile, Vocal Trainer works with the method of progressively advancing in level until you master harmonies and the more complex techniques such as falsetto, vibrato, melismas and others without having to pay for an expensive course if it is not within your reach.

Find out what range and type of voice you have so that you can use it to your advantage, practice with the piano notes, learn the use of voice warming and much more.

4. BandLab

And if you want to take a risk and create music, BandLab will be your best ally since it not only serves as a studio but you can use it as a social network for you to share your work and other singing lovers give you their approval.

This social network does not only have fans, so you can contact established artists and ask for collaborations. Remix melodies or take a chance and do your own.

Also, BandLab offers creator packs where you find loaded sounds for you to create your melodies, as well as loop packs for you to work as an expert. Browse through millions of artists and discover people to work together with the same styles.

Create new versions with other users’ work, meet people who improve yours and give you new ideas and the best thing is that you should not pay anything for this community.

5. Tune Me

If you love to sing Hip-hop and give your voice a touch to sound like Eminen, download Tune Me, this is one of the coolest Android Applications For Singers, with it you can harmonize your melody to achieve the tone you want in that song.

On the other hand, you have a multi-track recording so you don’t lose track of your work if you make a mistake and you can make improvements on the fly.

Similarly, Tune Me automatically calibrates the voice to the melody for harmony and a professional result. If voice variation occurs, the app alerts you with a light warning, which indicates that you are out of tune so you can correct it.

Play with the effects in the background and give it a professional studio touch. Share your creations with your friends, have fun doing what you love from your mobile.

6. Cizoo – Sing Like A Star

We conclude this list with an application to have fun, because if you love to sing and have fun with Cizoo –You Sing Like a Star, you will be able to do both, record your voice and apply effects to it so that it sounds like that of your favorite artist.

You have the option of competing with your friends through this app to see who is the most creative and with the best talent, as well as discovering new talents every day.

Finally, Cizoo – Sing like a star also gives you the possibility to do duets with other users, show the world your passion, edit videos with fun effects that attract more views and many more tools.

All the songs available within this tool are free, so you can sing whatever you want. Make the most of your talent and show what you have.


You love to sing and you feel that the world should know your talent but you don’t know how to teach it to them? In we prepare a list of 6 best apps to record singing, which will make your dream come true.

Learn to tune, recognize notes, what tone you are and how far you can go up or down. Edit your voice, create tracks and make the best covers of your favorite songs without the need for a professional studio since you will only need these incredible Apps.