The Best iPhone Apps for Veterinarians

Modern smartphones have changed the world as we know it, as libraries of information and brand new tools are now available from a single small and portable device. The field of veterinary science is not immune to this change either as applications developed specifically for both professionals and students are now available in the App Store. To help you find the most useful ones from that crowded list, here are five of the best iPhone apps for veterinarians.


ViralVet is free to download and use so that in itself deserves applause for the developers, especially since it’s very for veterinary professionals too. It’s an easy to use, intuitive platform for veterinarians to share problems, cases, complexities, findings, etc., via texts, images, and even videos. The community is already pretty big with over 2,000 members, but it’s going to get a lot bigger pretty soon, giving true credence to its name.


If you are a student looking for the best veterinary schools to apply to, you should visit Quality Education and Jobs, but if you are looking to prepare for the NAVLE, the VetPrep mobile app is a good app to download. Keep in mind that although the application is free to download, you will require a VetPrep subscription first to be able to use the app. From taking timed mock tests to listening to lectures, VetPrep is quite a useful app for aspiring veterinarians.

VetPDA Calcs

For a onetime fee of $4.99, VetPDA Calcs gives you access to twenty-one calculators that are designed and developed to exclusively help veterinarians, veterinarian students, and other associated professionals. Some of its most useful calculators are mentioned below.

  • Anesthesia drug calculator
  • Blood gas analyzer
  • Drip rate calculator
  • Energy requirements calculator
  • Anion gap calculator
  • Constant rate of infusion calculator
  • Echo values calculator
  • Fluid plan calculator
  • Equin fluids calculator


TARGET stands for The Veterinary Antimicrobial Reference Guide to Effective Treatment and the name itself is quite self-explanatory. The free app is used by professionals as a reference while treating smaller pets and animals that are suffering from microbial infections. Multiple helpful details are available on the app regarding the rating and efficiency of antimicrobial drugs in fighting various types of infections.


In addition to having a biological index and withdrawal charts, you will appreciate this free application because it has monographs for over 5,000 vet products that include, feed, medicine, parasiticides, and everything else you might need. The contact details for hundreds of distributors and manufacturers can also be accessed by vets from the app itself.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list and there are a few other iPhone apps which deserve to at least get honorable mentions here. They include DVM Calc, Infinity Lab Retriever, Timeless Vet Drug Index and Veterinary Excellence Tool. Also, this list is not meant to be a hierarchical one by any means; the usefulness of any app mentioned here will depend strictly on the situation, the patient, and the veterinarian involved.