The desktop client of WhatsApp

Some days ago the launch of a rumored desktop application for WhatsApp and that application is now available: the company announced a few days ago, and any user can use this alternative to the web client WhatsApp that itself is not so different of the proposal that we had in the browser.

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In fact the tool is no more than a ‘wrapper’: it is an embedded browser that works identically to the web application but thanks to this orientation to the desktop allows some additional options that mostly are focused on separating your browser behavior that commonly we used to make it a standalone application.

If we close the browser can keep in touch with friends, family and acquaintances. The native client WhatsApp for Windows (beware, it is not a universal application) and Mac OS X is developed with a framework called Electron which has just reached version 1.0 – which allows encapsulate an instance of the Chromium browser version -the Open Source of Chrome- and it provides some specific advantages such as better support notification and keyboard shortcuts.

The tool actually works identically to the client that we had in the browser, and such is necessary that the phone is connected to the same network that use the computer and the desktop client. In addition the system need to also use QR codes to link the phone to the customer we execute.

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Actually the official client WhatsApp desktop is not new: there were projects that already did exactly the same thing does time, and indeed there is much more ambitious proposals as Franz, a client that unifies various tools messenger into one, and that has support for Windows, OS X and Linux.

So, we are faced with what is basically a web application disguised as a desktop application. We will continue depending on the mobile to use it, but it is true that the independence of the browser that work makes the customer may have interest thanks to him we can include it in our multitasking management.

It is true that locate and access the Web tab WhatsApp is simple, especially if you look at the browser Рbut so is a separate application that makes it all a bit easier, including those multimonitor scenarios in which we have always the open without worrying about whether the browser is closed or not unexpectedly application. For more visit http://generationguy.com/.