The science behind the creativity: creative advertising strategies

Any advertisement is short, to the point and compelling. The main goal is to take as little time as possible and deliver the message to the fullest extent. Because the human time-span of attention is low, the advertisement has to captivate the viewer within the first few seconds and hold it till the end, which cannot be too long. An advertisement started as a promotional feature, and to this day its role hasn’t changed much. But its delivery method and packaging has changed a lot. This change is to keep up with the dynamic alteration in human content consumption over time. With the boom of the internet, the role and efficacy of media have changed. Today, media has a prominent influence on human life, but people are also becoming more aware of this influence. This awareness makes them wary and cautious of branded promotional content, and ads have to change their message delivery methods. The perfect advertisement today should promote the product while being subtle. People should consider it to be more than promotional content. Because of this, today, a creative media agency has a more intricate role in digital media promotion. Their ideas have to be impressive, promotional, intriguing and subtle, while being short and to the point.


In today’s time and age, a brand has more access to its consumers, and the reverse is also true. Gone are the days when a brand was just a logo. Today, with social media, people know of the face behind the brand. For example, Elon Musk of Tesla. The growth of the internet has integrated brands and products into the lives of people more than ever. That is why every company has a digital presence today, be it websites, social media pages, YouTube channels or blogs. In the past, a brand approached a creative media agency to make to create advertisements for them. Now, many companies have an integrated marketing department that decides their marketing strategies. But this does not mean the end of media agencies, but the expansion of their role. While the brands devise the plan of action, it is the agency that creates the content. These agencies are versatile enough to make tailored content for every brand strategy. The agency themselves can also devise strategies, not just for the product but also for the brand. This versatility makes them indisposable in the digital marketing world.


A media agency offers complete media solutions to every brand and product, be it social media, television media, print media etc. These agencies conduct in-depth research and analyse the population. Based on the target demographic, they can create the appropriate content. For example, a shampoo for working women has a target audience aged between 20 to 40. They first analyse the primary sources of information that these women turn to; usually, it is social media. The agency researches on the kind of content majorly consumed. They tailor-make the promotion so that it reaches these women’s social media feeds. If the women prefer user reviews, the agency reaches out to the top social media influencers of cosmetics and toiletries and engages them to create a product video. If these women majorly prefer PSAs, then the agency designs such a video for the product. Whatever the preferred medium, the agency has a creative solution for it all.

Today, advertising online or offline has science behind creativity as well. A creative media agency is no longer just a group of creative, eccentric individuals with unique ideas. They are also a scientific and analytical agency for the social sciences. They have tried and tested formulas for promotion, and are up to date with the behaviour of people of all age ranges. This scientific backing makes advertising more efficient than before, and the agency a necessary ally for every brand.

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