This is why I hate video games

This is why I hate video games?

Video games have always been considered a hobby or waste of time, but for those people who do not like them at all. But different studies show that video games turn out to help a lot to health, either by removing stress, relieving pain or even making you smarter, speaking clearly.

First, video games are mere fun, but now thanks to science, several benefits have been discovered when we play. If there is no longer an excuse for your parents not to let you play, you will only play hours after hour improving your health of course.

This is why I hate video games

Not everything will always be as good as they say, even though it may seem, everything must have something wrong for there to be a balance and we can enjoy more of the good. One of the problems is being addicted to the degree of no longer stopping playing, thus isolating behavior, but could you stop playing?

1-Problems with family, work, and studyThis is why I hate video games

Just as it helps to relate, it harms your daily environment with other people. Human contact is not the same as physical contact when being behind a screen.

The distraction of a video game means that you do not dedicate time to other activities and waste time with others.

2-Your healthThis is why I hate video games

Sitting or lying down is not the most efficient way to exercise your body. You need at least 30 minutes of exercise a day and healthy food for your body.

On many occasions, we do not invest the time necessary to exercise and eat healthily as long as we do not waste time continuing to play, which increases overweight and diseases, so it is not memorable to be a video game addict.

3-Attention problemsThis is why I hate video games

They can improve as you can harm yourself. Sometimes you focus so much on video games because of an addiction that you can only think about playing or only your attention is on that type of game.

You stop paying attention to what other people tell you. It is difficult for you to remember what they say to you and even stop paying attention to what is around you.

4-Visual fatigue

Spending a lot of time in the dark or being too close to a screen just wanting to experience the game longer, in the long run, will make your eyesight worse.

You must be careful how close you are to the screen on which you are playing, whether on a television, computer or even on your cell phone because even if you don’t feel it, your eyesight is forced to strain and wear yourself out.

5-AggressionThis is why I hate video games

Games can help you be a calmer person, but it could make you a more aggressive person for losing a game or simply cannot pass a level. You must measure your hours of play and know when to stop playing since there are players who can recreate a scene they see of violence and do it in their own life.

Disadvantages of Video Games

Some people run serious risks of becoming completely addicted to video games, even neglecting their day’s main activities importantly. Some individuals have even gone so far as not to go to work (or school), not eat properly and especially quickly or not get enough exercise. If you care about your physical health then, it will be the case that you set yourself some well-established limits to prevent you from falling into this very dangerous trap.

Video games do not, in any case, give your body adequate training or, in any case, equivalent to the “normal” one. If you want to keep fit, you will need to go to the gym at least twice a week without putting on unnecessary kilos if you don’t want to risk complicating your life beyond measure.

Some people risk becoming insensitive to violence when their recreational activity is often dedicated to a particularly violent video game genre. It is well known that video game manufacturers tend to create particularly gory stories to attract the public’s attention and encourage sales. In the long run, it can make users insensitive. So, my advice is to settle down and avoid overdoing it.

Finally, it can give people false expectations about real-life events: the virtual world of videogames. In fact, often tends to distort reality. Therefore, another tip I give you is not to see the world as if it were a video game.