Apps For Single Moms

Top 6 Apps For Single Moms In 2021

In this article, we will explore the best apps for single moms in 2021.  As you know, it’s hard to be a parent.  It’s especially hard to be a single mom and have to raise a child on your own.

In today’s day and age, everything is online and information is highly digitalized.  What makes parenting tedious is that it can sometimes seem like everyone is judging and watching everything you do on Facebook and other social media outlets.

Here’s where our top 6 apps for single moms in 2021 comes in.  As you know, every parent could use a little help every now and then. Especially the single moms out there doing everything on their own.  And being a single mom certainly isn’t easy, but the apps we will go over will help you navigate parenting, as it’s harder than ever to do so.

Here are 6 apps we can’t live without that will help you through the difficulties of raising a child alone. 

Best Apps For Single Moms


 Cozi is a helpful family organizer that every single mom should be ecstatic to have.  With a bunch of cool features, Cozi includes a calendar to manage life with your family as well as meal and recipe planning, shopping lists, to-do lists and more.  With Cozi, you can say good-bye to chaos and say hello to organized living as a single mom. 

Playground Buddy

Playground Buddy is a helpful app that locates playgrounds everywhere.  You can locate a playground, view pics, get directions and more.

Playground Buddy is a great tool to use if you are in a jam and don’t have anything to do with your child.  If it’s a beautiful day, go locate a playground and enjoy the outdoors!


DComply is a popular co parenting app for divorced parents that every single mama needs.  It allows users to use the app for free with limited functionality.  With DComply, you can pay child support online, track expenses and manage finances easily and without too much headache.  Download DComply and get your co-parenting expenses in order today! 

Hey! Vina.

Hey! Vina is essentially Tinder for girl friends.  It’s a handy app that connects women with women and promotes positive friendships to encourage support and community.  As a single mom, Hey! Vina is a great tool to meet like minded people who have been through similar things.  The idea is to connect and make friendships. How cool is that?!

Baby Connect

Baby Connect is a great tool for single moms as it provides valuable information and allows you to track and record all things baby. You can track info about feeding, sleeping and more in this handy app that’s easy to use.  With Baby Connect you can discard the guessing and log all information for future use.  Easily track medication, vaccines, illness, and everyday habits in the app.  In addition, the app is integrated with Siri, Alexa, and more!  Try this app as we’re sure it will truly change your life! 


Flipp is an excellent app every single mom needs.  With Flipp, you can connect your loyalist cards, clip coupons, download store circulars, create shopping lists and find stores near you to get the best deals.  Flipp is a great choice for busy moms who want to save some money on groceries and shopping in the process.  You can create shopping lists, find bargains and so much more!  It would be a shame to not give this handy app a try. 


Being a single mom can be hectic.  However, there are many tools out there for you to use to make you life as a single mom easier.  We hope this post has provided some helpful information on 6 apps every single mom should use.  Now download them and get started on making your life easier!  We know you’ll be grateful down the road!