Top Reasons To Choose A Responsive Web Design For A Better SEO Advantage

With the advent of mobile technologies, it has become mandatory for business owners to have their own official mobile website in addition to their usual website. While there is nothing wrong with a mobile website, you must contemplate a stronger option if SEO is your main concern. You need to create a website that is not just mobile-friendly but also SEO friendly and sometimes, people may deem this as a daunting task.

However, an easy and quick solution to this is the use of responsive web design when designing your web pages. Responsive design, as the name suggests, is excellent at adapting the content and design as per the size and resolution of the screen. Therefore, a responsive web design can be used both on a desktop computer as also on a mobile phone or a tablet without any compromise on the quality. A responsive web design makes the website look alluring at all times, irrespective of the device it is loaded on; not to mention the plethora of SEO advantages that it boasts of. Besides, the SEO services prefer the adaptive nature of these responsive web designs. Given below are top reasons as to why you must choose a responsive web design for better SEO.

1.) Google Prefers Websites having a Responsive Web Design:

If you thought that the companies offering the SEO services were the only ones vouching for the credibility of responsive web designs, you must mull over the fact again. Google prefers websites that have been built using the responsive web design and it strongly believes that it is one of the best ways to incorporate the benefits of SEO into a website. The simple reason for this is the fact that a responsive web design eliminates the need to have different URLs and HTML coding. Because of the lack of complications and the use of a single website across different devices, Google finds it incredibly easy to keep track of the content and organise everything, thus leading to effective crawling and indexing of the content.

On the other hand, a single website having more than one URL and HTML would make it increasingly complicated for Google to crawl and keep track of the activities. Therefore, if you wish for your mobile or desktop website to get a good ranking in the results page of the search engines, you must contemplate using a responsive web design.

2.) An Elevation in the Local Rankings:

Needless to say, when Google finds it easy to crawl and index the content on your web pages, it will aim at displaying your content in the search results. Besides, responsive design gives greater importance to keywords and therefore, if the pages in your website have good quality local keywords, they will get a good ranking in the search engines. Initially people would refer to desktop websites to note down the address of a local business on a piece of paper; however this scenario has changed immensely since the introduction of smartphones and tablets. Today, people make use of their phones and tablets to get access to local business while on the go. When you own a responsive website and add quality keywords that aim at geo-tagging, Google gives it immense preference and your pages end up in the search results.

3.) You need not Work on the SEO Over and Over Again:

It goes without saying that if you wish to avail some of the SEO services; you would have to be willing to pay a sizeable chunk of your savings for the purpose. Therefore, having to spend for SEO on two different occasions makes little sense. A responsive web design ensures that you direct all your SEO efforts towards a single website as the responsive nature of the web design will incorporate these SEO changes in your mobile website as well. Therefore, every keyword that you use will be available on the mobile site as well. Besides, the title tags, Meta description, internal links, anchor text and the likes that are used for developing a user-friendly and SEO-friendly website are automatically updated on your mobile website as well.

4.) The benefits of Building Strong and Powerful Links:

Since a responsive web design is highly adaptive, all you need is to build links on any one device and these links will get automatically updated on the mobile website. However, it is a known fact that since the mobile websites are still finding a way to create a niche in the technology world, there is a possibility that your mobile website may not get as many backlinks as you may have expected. However, these changes with responsive web design as you get links for your desktop website that instantly get linked to your mobile website as well.

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