Twitter, the social network micrologging celebrates 10 years

10 years ago, on March 21, it all started with a single Tweet. Since then, every day and every moment, people talk about things that matter most to you, worldwide! A decade later, Twitter, the popular social network micrologging reached this milestone has become one of the most powerful and popular Internet social networks.

Since the first Tweet was published in 2006, the platform has captured the imagination of the peoples and has become part of everyday reality. Whether a politician, a musician, a company, a marketing campaign, the follower of a football team or one of the more than millions who visit Twitter *, with this anniversary we want to thank each and ever. For more visit

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y one of the users who have made the platform it is today.

With 500 million daily tweets and 200,000 million Tweets every year, Twitter has become a tool of global vision and conversation to users worldwide.

There is more to see how impactful global movements as #HeForShe #JeSuisParis or claims as to the most television-related trends, such as # LeónComeGamba generate a huge variety of stories and issues of all kinds that are discussed in the platform each day.

The depth, richness and breadth of content shared by our users about these great moments has become Twitter the perfect window to see and participate in what is happening in the world.

The social network of micrologging also reminds us how has evolved its logo throughout these years. The evolution of bird Twitter has also been a constant that has marked its transformation during this decade.

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To celebrate the occasion, Twitter has also prepared an interactive chartwhere a display of how some of the most iconic and representative of the conversation of the last ten years Tweets spread around the world is collected. Through the social network itself, Twitter has begun to promote avideo under the hashtag #LoveTwitter to commemorate its 10 – year history.

How could they not, do not miss some facts, figures and trivia of social network

  • TWEET MORE Retweeted: @TheEllenShow (3.3 million Retweets)
  • PERSON WITH MORE FOLLOWERS: @KatyPerry (84 million followers)
  • PERSON WITH MORE MENTIONS: @justinbieber (943 million)
  • MORE EMOJI tweeted: Tears of joy (14,500 million emoji)
  • Geotagged city: São Paulo (638 million tags)
  • LABEL MORE TRADITIONAL tweeted: #FF (539 million mentions)
  • LIKE TOTAL: 250.000 million Likes
  • EVENT RECORD TPM: End of the World 2014 (618.725 Tweets per minute), Germany (@DFB_Team) defeats Argentina, (@Argentina) on July 13, 2014
  • LESS TIME TO REACH ONE MILLION FOLLOWERS: @caitlyn_jenner (4 hours, 3 minutes)