VLC will as a universal application to the Windows 10 ecosystem

The protagonist Quicktime after confirmation of no support from Apple face to solve serious security problems appeared. A setback for many users, that’s for sure, but at least we can have much better alternatives, such as VLC, the media player best known.

It is thanks to the information provided by Thomas Nigro on his blog, and we have news about the imminent release of VLC being prepared and that apparently come in the form of universal application (UWP) to the entire Windows 10 ecosystem.

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In this way we can use VLC on any device with Windows 10, although the arrival to the various devices can occur at different periods due to the adaptation process that may require each.

And in this sense, so let ‘s get started, indicates a indicative dates in which VLC reach each range, either Mobile Windows 10, Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, Hololens or IoT.

In the case of Windows 10 Mobile can have the beta VLC next week, that if only in the case of phones that have the Insider Preview Redstone, as with other versions is still causing problems.

As explanatory note, the devices with Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 soon will no longer receive support for the current version of VLC, hoping in May last update for this version of the operating system.

If you’re using Windows 10 PC you should know that there will be beta, but will be closed private and will arrive in early May, hoping that by the end of that month you can come to light a public version

Xbox One with Windows 10 is another story, as VLC for the console Microsoft is still at an early stage of development, something gives us an estimated departure date that place throughout the summer.

Something similar happens with the Internet of Things (IoT), which will also see delayed arrival, speaking in the case of devices such as Raspberry 2 and 3, with the Hololens which for now are at the bottom as far installment it is concerned, since the development of VLC for VR Microsoft still has not started, so that dare not give deadlines.

Everything indicates that we will come up with a version of VLC very similar to the current one, with almost identical features, at least initially, because as time passes it is expected that additional functions are implemented such as support for Continuum, the inclusion of the Picture in Picture (to explore our collection while the video is playing) or CC mode support among others.