Wallpaper Wizard

Wallpaper Wizard, the wizard of Mac wallpapers

Try Wallpaper Wizard, the app to download tons of wallpapers for Mac, with some surprises, as a truly original feature.

Needless to say, when you have a smartphone, a tablet or even a Mac in your hands, the first thing you do, or one of the first, is to go in search of the perfect background. A wallpaper, although it does not affect system performance, or actually add functions or services, is one of the elements that the user changes often, just to make their device more original.

Searching them online is certainly easy, but if you are looking for a well-made app, with tons of wallpapers available, here is Wallpaper Wizard. We have tried it, and in addition to proposing a very thick collection, it offers a surprise function.

Wallpaper Wizard

How Wallpaper Wizard works

Upon opening, Wallpaper Wizard looks like a sort of mini Mac App Store, where you can download wallpapers for Mac instead of applications. A first tab called “Explore”, offers an overview of all the wallpapers, divided by category. A first sliding tab at the top highlights the categories of the moment, while scrolling downwards it is possible to appreciate the many categories available. Among these, there are backgrounds on nature, animals, objects, food, textures, characters, places, and so on and so forth.

And yet, among the innumerable windows, there are black and white, artistic, abstract, minimalistic backgrounds: anyone will certainly find the background that best suits their needs and tastes. The actual categories are not really counted, with the possibility of choosing the favorites and inserting them in a specific tab, so that they can be recovered immediately.

In addition to searching by categories, there is also a traditional search bar, where you can search for backgrounds by keywords. The real novelty, however, is the Roll tab, which allows you to change the background automatically every time. It will be possible to include single backgrounds or whole categories of backgrounds in this sort of presentation. The advice is to use this function on a desktop, so as not to burden the battery of a MacBook.

Wallpaper Wizard

Moreover, it will also be possible to share the desired backgrounds, even if the mechanism is not really immediate. And in fact, by clicking on the share icon present on each image, a link will be sent to the recipient, who in turn will refer to a site within which to insert his / her e-mail. Only then will you be redirected to the shared background image.

Wallpaper Wizard is functional, rich in content, in this case wallpapers, and well crafted, with a UI similar to a real App Store. The images contained are of various kinds, all in high definition and belonging to the most disparate categories.

How to buy and price

Wallpaper Wizard 2 costs 9.95 dollars. You can also download it from Setapp, the Netflix of the Mac apps. If you decide to use Setapp, you should take a look at our article that offers you tips to save on the subscription cost.

Probably the best way to find your way around and see if Setapp is for you, is to buy a  gift card that allows you to pre-pay predetermined periods of access to the service (from one month to 24 months). In this way you will have time to evaluate the system, and avoid recurring payment even for simple forgetfulness.