5 Reasons You Need Weather Data Technology in California

Neither California’s $2.9 trillion economy nor its almost 40 million inhabitants are immune to the effects of extreme weather. Emergency alert software plays an important role in planning and immediate response actions. Public-safety and business-continuity professionals place their trust in dependable and accurate weather data technology in the Golden State.

Wildfires and Mudslides

Gusting winds and dry weather create ideal wildfire conditions. Mudslides are a destructive aftermath when charred hillsides stripped of stabilizing plant roots release rain-soaked earth and debris. Firefighting management requires real-time data provided by wireless weather station networks to control wildfires, predict mudslides, and order evacuations.

Outdoor Event Safety

Rather than checking online for outdoor warning sirens for sale, many emergency planning and response professionals turn to total weather services incorporating localized detection, collaborative and synchronized alerting, and siren placements. Lightning is the primary weather-related hazard affecting outdoor events; when detected, automated and integrated outdoor systems activate 360-degree lightning warnings that get people to safety in time.


Flash flood warnings are best supported by technology integrating rainfall predictions with significant river-flooding forecasting. Data updates displaying imminent or occurring situations in ten-minute intervals and accessible through Sferic Maps enable decision-makers to take appropriate steps at the right time.

Drought and Frost  

California’s farm economy is affected by both drought and frost. Grapes and winegrowing, representative of the second-largest agricultural sector, are particularly vulnerable. Accurate and regularly-updated weather monitoring is a critical factor in growers’ ability to remain proactive in protecting their crops.

Temperature Extremes

Worker health and safety can be severely impacted by extreme temperatures. Outdoor personnel are at high risk for heat-related illnesses and over-exhaustion. Customizable and synchronized mobile weather alerts keep all team management personnel on the same page regarding on-the-job environmental health risks.

Make the Best Use of the Technology

The technology is available, and for those managers and supervisors who haven’t made the best use of what’s available, now’s the time to explore the options. California’s climate extremes present challenges, but the right weather detection, prediction, and alerting systems can help ensure the safety and continuity of all that’s been entrusted to you.