What are the first five applications that we downloaded the brand new mobile?

The aliens of XCOM saga has sent me to do a sociological study of the first thing that happens to me, but as the first thing that occurred to me had nothing to do with Android, because I started thinking (something rare indeed). One of the most obvious things is that almost every day someone launches mobile again.

The illusion that makes us when we opened the box containing our smartphone, full of plastic, with their accessories, plastic filled, a terminal that does not know what awaits you in our hands. Either by custom or not change, almost all have a list of priority applications (for us) to install before you start tinkering with it.

And it is that’s what I come firstly to what they told the first app s that I download, but my main goal is to know which ones you like downloads. The aliens will not care a cucumber, but as I have asked politely, that joroben. The number of applications that have chosen is 5, because it has a very nice rhyme and do not know, because they are the fingers that I have in each hand.

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Google Keep

Often do not understand how come not pre-installed on the mobile application is a very light and extremely useful if you’re taking a lot of notes. You can save a huge amount of notes, which may be normal or list type, and you can even include a photo or a note in her voice.

It has saved me sometimes my little sanity or anything that you have noted the shopping list in Google Keep and marks each item to go while I got into the car. Also, if you’re scoring dozens of different things, you can configure them to have a different color.

Does not have new things, but the fact that it is so light, simple, intuitive, and you can sync with your Google account to hold the notes you had in your previous mobile makes it one of the first apps I install.


This is the mail application Microsoft , and really not have too many things that others do not have, but it’s an app that works quite well, has an aesthetic, in my view, correct, and allows me to archive, delete or move the different emails with simple gestures.

It also allows me to manage, all at the same time, my email accounts, distinguishing with a small band of color to each of them. All this can be done perfectly Gmail, but to use that I give, it seems more appropriate, so it is always the first release me.


I usually use this network, mainly to keep up various topics of interest to me, and as I do not want to stay in the information penumbra, Twitter is the first to install the brand new mobile. I think not need to tell you how it works or anything, you will know it almost since the world began.

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Asphalt 8

Despite the increasingly invasive advertising of this game, I cannot help the first of the games that usually have installed. For those who do not know, it is a car racing game, the vast majority and other existing almost fictitious or projects (such as the Mercedes Benz Silver Lightning).

It is a game that has enough shooting, including events, new cars, more tracks and additional game modes, all so that players do not get tired. The only reprehensible, for me, is that aforementioned advertising, which leaves you between races, difficult is that you free.

Dolphin browser

Over the years, I’ve been releasing phones, and now that I’m trying many, I would say that 80% of the time the first app that I downloaded is known Dolphin browser. It is a simple browser to learn to use and very complete, that even includes support for flash.

It has night mode, private mode, full screen, or even to websites without any images to save data with a single button. You can, if you want, putting on additional accessories like Dolphin Jetpack, Web to PDF to save a web as PDF or Bookmarks Widget, to have a widget with your favorite pages on the main screen.

Since I discovered it has improved a little, and is the browser to always use default on any mobile, I have become so accustomed to, using another, I do a more sporadically.

Now it’s your turn, we would like to know what are the first apps you install the brand new mobile again. The ideal number is five, but you can put more if you want, here is freedom of expression. Of course, the most interesting would you to put the reasons why are these. Who knows, maybe you find something interesting server thanks to you.

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