Facebook and WhatsApp

What do you do with the data Facebook and WhatsApp?

Facebook, with each passing moment, is creating more and more controversy, and the decision to make WhatsApp can share our phone number with the social network is only the latest of all the decisions that have been taking since he bought the application instant messaging.

If our privacy is something that is fading as the T-1000 in the lava pool (especially with the movements of Google), now Facebook has hit a hammer blow across the head to the rest of our privacy. It is clear that this measure will not earn much sympathy (at least not among ordinary users).

The essence of Facebook and advertising

Facebook has a bit silly of years, is the oldest social networking era of computing, and our adorable and “multimillionaire” Zucky created it (or so I think) with the intention that acquaintances keep in contact form complete as possible, giving the opportunity even to share photos so that in the missed connections , at least can recognize.

Facebook and WhatsApp
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They even let you chat just like that, as one who sends you a private message in a forum! But the thing was shifting gradually to share some of our data with complete strangers who are the companies (that may not know them or their city). Now Facebook is like a huge advertising wall in which, hopefully, you can see pictures of your family.

In my opinion, the essence of Facebook was to us to show us through photos to our friends and family, but that was lost with increasing greed of executives in the social network. As I said in the previous paragraph, Facebook now is an advertising wall where sometimes you see photos of your contacts.

Buying WhatsApp, excessively suspicious

A few years ago emerged a nice mobile application called WhatsApp, which allowed us to chat with our contacts without toil away money from our minutes or SMS; simply we must have a data connection. For some reason this application was hauntingly popular.

Zucky put in one of the few moments that both have had free tickets, eyes on this application, and business despite saw was the unbeatable rival of Facebook Messenger. Zucky offered a bundle executive Whatsapp and monetary joined in marriage until disagreements or bankruptcy separate them.

Even then, many users began to have some suspicions, despite all statements that Facebook would not change anything, they would remain completely independent services. Yes, as independent as a kangaroo newborn, just the same. At first, though, he seemed to keep his word.

It is clear that this latest move is not to remain completely independent, nor catches us by surprise really, since many suspected from the time the purchase was announced that there would approach each other and the social network would take advantage of the overwhelming popularity of WhatsApp to take us to the blue side of the force.

Can this movement have some sort of unintended consequence?

What we all have clear is that this measure Facebook our privacy sinks a little more into the quicksand and no stick strong enough to get her out. Now they want to know our phone number to suggest more publicity (as if there were little already) and that the same contact us to fall ill.

That is another, what I want to suggest me as a contact to neighboring my aunt if I do not know and may not have interest. You see what I want you to see pictures of his grandson pulling against walls or meatballs her husband watching football on gallumbos on my Facebook wall.

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They can happen really scary things as I just mentioned, but then there is the possibility of data theft, because hackers who have bad intentions will try to find a hole to get, access our phone number Whatsapp shared, and then to our terminal to build a christ of epic proportions.

Okay, it is extremely difficult, especially because those who are not important personalities we will not pay too much attention, but both Facebook and Whatsapp are applications that are also used by public figures that represent a huge temptation for those with bad intentions.

How can you fight this?

Clearly, if you do not have Facebook or Whatsapp are not user (or both simultaneously), this measure is not going to convince precisely so that start using. But if you already have both, also you can prevent this action applies to you, at least in large part.

Only you should follow this tutorial, very simple, and ready. That yes, I have warned that although not share your phone with Facebook, some information for WhatsApp itself that reach the social network, so either way you are forced to “enjoy” some of the new social network owner by WhatsApp.

I do not know how far it is legal for a long conditions change or if with this, they are abusing their position as social network by forcing us to share even information we do not want to be shared. What do you think is the real purpose of Facebook to get some data of Whatsapp?