What is Phishing?

Phishing is an online trend in which individuals or organisations will attempt to obtain credit card numbers or other sensitive personal information by posing as different trustworthy entities. In recent years, phishing has grown in sophistication, and more businesses are becoming victims of these schemes. While it is true that phishing does occur from time to time, the number of fake phishing emails that hit business email boxes every day serves as a solid indicator that the problem is much more prevalent than most people realise. Get advice on Cyber Liability Insurance, visit JMP, a leading Cyber Liability Insurance company.

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The phishing emails often have an innocent-looking template with a logo that looks like it came from a reputable source, when in reality it comes from an imposter. These hackers use the spoof to disguise their true intent. A common method used is to create a phishing website, then offer to give out personal information that the site owner had supplied in the sign up process. Once a user inputs their personal information, usually their bank account information, the hackers use this information to make purchases offline using the victim’s credit card.

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Most of the emails that would-be victims receive are from companies or websites trying to sell them merchandise or services, not from legitimate websites trying to offer advice on how to prevent phishing attacks. While it is possible to protect your identity from these thieves and others, you need more than just good safety habits; you need to understand the most common ways that phishing attacks take place and what you can do to prevent it.


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