Messaging apps

Why media and brands are increasingly active in messaging apps?

Both brands and media are more interested in the world in which they move today to reach consumers and achieve connect with them. In a world further wherein there are more and more elements and which get their attention and get them to pay attention to what is being said is increasingly difficult, both as the other are always there and always trying to discover new tools allowing messages actually reach throwing receivers with those who want to connect.

Messaging apps
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Since social networks, the route by which gambled prominently in recent times, have lost their effectiveness somewhat, and media brands are seeking new ways. Facebook has become increasingly difficult for publishing messages from sneaking in the news feed, because its algorithm is giving much more importance to other content and is, in fact, being particularly negative at this. In other social networks that managed large response rates that were the great example of how to get a good engagement, as in the case of Instagram, things are changing and engagement figures are falling. Brands and media need, therefore, to find alternatives to all of them. Visit for more tech tips.

What they are testing and what is the alternative being to which they are throwing hand to continue positioning their posts and to continue to connect with consumers? According to data from BI Intelligence, we can clearly see a trend that can be linked directly to this new reality. The media are increasingly making use of messaging applications to connect with consumers and let them bring their content and are also doing it with increasingly better results. Thus, the BBC used both Viber and Whatsapp to share as much information about the latest Ebola epidemic as on the earthquake in Nepal and The Wall Street Journa l used recurrently in Japan Line, platform carrying a year and where it already has two million followers.

As concluded in the study, messaging apps have become a “tremendous” opportunity for online media not only to connect directly to the audience but to do well globally. More and more consumers use these tools and more and more potential readers who can be reached through them, creating a potential audience very high and very interesting for brands.

The challenges of apps

Apps however not only have a positive side, but also present some problems that the media will have to go by solving. The first is not really foreign to other media that are already using: apps are a first source of information about consumers and their habits, locations, consumption data … This information, however, is not available They are employing such means apps (or in the case of brands that wish to do so), which makes their strategies are not as efficient as they could be.

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The second problem is one of form: messaging apps, with some exceptions, are not prepared for this type of service. That is, they do not have formats that allow publish content (widely) and reach these audiences. The best example of this problem is WhatsApp. There is no system that can be used in WhatsApp to launch content to the world and therefore there is no way to do it in a way that is easy or without facing standards platform (which only allows groups of 256 users maximum).

But then, why?

Despite these problems, the media is not abandoning its efforts to position itself in this environment and especially to harness the potential of these tools. The figures monthly active users of social networks are already lower than those of my courier, while consumers are spending more and more time in them and are becoming a more important part of their lives. Audiences are more and more time in them and every time they pay more and more attention and, if they are there, the media have no choice but to be also in that environment.

To all this is added that the media are not alone. Brands have become an element in the struggle to gain a leading position in this environment and are seeing these apps not only as a great tool to distribute content (and advertising messages) but also as a great channel to provide services customer, making them even more attractive.