Why Your Workplace Needs Membrane Keyboards

Over the past decade, membrane keyboards have become more and more popular within the workplace, but, the big question is, are they right for your company? If you are not familiar with membrane keyboards, then you may be asking yourself why they are so incredibly popular. Companies of every size and industry now use them on a daily basis.

Here are some points to help you decide whether or not membrane keyboards are the right choice for your workplace and what their benefits are.

Traditional Keyboards vs Membrane Keyboards

Traditional keyboards, known as mechanical keyboards, do not have separate parts to them and are made of lots of pressure pads with letters and symbols on them. This allows the employee to press down on a letter, hit the membrane key and then the layer underneath makes contact. This then registers the keypress and sends it to the computer.

So, what makes a membrane keyboard so special? Well, instead of having all these separate parts, you instead have three different layers of pressure pad technology. The top layer is the number, letter or symbol, the second layer is the space in between, while the third layer is where the electrical current is and where your key press is registered when you press down on it. 

Benefits of a Membrane Keyboard

As you would expect, going by their huge rise in popularity, there are plenty of great benefits to using a membrane keyboard. The biggest benefit for most companies is that they are resistant to moisture. With traditional keyboards, moisture-related damage is quite common and the keys are detachable. When moisture gets trapped under the keys, this then causes permanent damage and prevents the keyboard from functioning. This is not an issue with a membrane keyboard as they have an protective outer membrane which acts as a barrier to any water or moisture. As well as being resistant to water, they are also resistant to dirt, dust and debris.

Another added benefit of using a membrane keyboard is that they are extremely comfortable to use. This is something that you may not notice if you are used to using a traditional keyboard, but once you have used a membrane keyboard, you’ll not want to go back to using a traditional one.

Lastly, if you are a bit of a germaphobe then this is the perfect option, as many membrane keyboards now come with anti-microbial technology incorporated.

These are just a few of the reasons why membrane keyboards are so popular and why your business could benefit installing them in your workplace. However, it is important to remember that not all membrane keyboards are of equal quality so you will need to research the market to ensure you spend your money wisely. We would recommend using a high-quality and reputable manufacturer of membrane keyboards as this will provide your business with the very best in membrane keyboard technology and they will last for many years.

Image: Pixabay