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Writing is over: Google Docs update your voice commands

In early September last year, the Mountain View introduced a useful new feature to Google Docs: the dictated voice . A service intended to make Microsoft Word source and is activated through the Tools menu. And while the application already included some advantages as recognition of commands score (i.e. not writing “point” or “point” but the sign itself), the fact is that he had some limitations.

In fact, this is the reason that the technology giant has decided to update it because, if you need to perform any other task, we were forced to use the keyboard and mouse.But let ‘s analyze in detail what new and newly enhanced features with which it has landed.

Google Docs
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New features

In this way and in a statement posted on its official blog , the technology giant seeks help “to capture ideas, plan your schedule or even write your next big proposal; without touching the keyboard. “ How? Incorporating the ability to edit and format documents using our voice.

That is, from now on , we have the option to insert tables, highlight words, include scripts, align text, replace and copy a particular term, add color, and a long list of possibilities that will delight the laziest but above all, of those who suffer from disabilities, impaired accessibility ; to see how reduced (much remains to disappear) certain barriers.

Another benefit has to do with the languages ​​, i.e. it is possible to talk to Docs with an accent. The application includes, for example, the Indian accent English, Spanish with Mexican stop and even can recognize dozens of dialects. Ultimately some improvements that had been longing for the version that precedes it.

To start using as above, go to the “Tools” menu and select “writing voice.” Thereafter it will show a microphone that tell you that you can start talking. In any case, you will find the complete list of commands (yes, in English, somewhat uncomfortable) in the help of Google Docs. Also, the section you have a specific section of instructions “accessibility purposes”, compatible with screen readers.