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You want to create a blog? These free resources will make your life a little easier

Although some may think they are passe, blogs continue to enjoy good health today. There are still thousands of people who decide to continue creating them, either to talk about their daily lives or to try to take their first steps in the world of specialized media.

But creating a blog can be a more complicated than it appears task, and from choosing a name and a logo to determine which is the look you want to give him or try not to violate the copyright of others in your everyday life can be a chore complicated. So we decided to make a small list of some free resources that you need to take your first steps.

Create a blog
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To get a good name

One of the most important phases when creating a blog is choosing the right name. It is something that many do not give enough importance, so they end up with a clone name or too similar to others that just when condolences be disclosed. A good step is to go scoring concepts and try to mix them, but if you want something less rudimentary there are some pages that can help you.

In this regard, Name Mesh and Naminum are two pages in which you have to put concepts or fragments you want to appear in the name of your blog, and they are responsible for mixing them and play with them by adding terms. The first one will even organize the results depending on which is better SEO.

NameBird is another generator, but with more advanced options that allow you to determine how many letters you want to have or how you want this start. Also, if a combination you like you can play with it by altering only a part. Finally BizNameWiz is a page where you will find available domain names matching companies.

To find your own logo

If you have a friend or graphic designer illustrator you have a treasure. But if you do not have or do not want to owe a favor you can give a try to pages LogoMakr, DesignMantic, The Free Logo Makers or Logo Garde . They allow you to create your own online logos and can edit them to your liking by choosing from different styles and fonts.

You also have other pages as FreeLogoServices and LogoLogo, put at your disposal a good amount of free logos for you to download and use. And there are also initiatives like LogoDust, where you have access to the discarding of a professional company dedicated to creating corporate logos.

For a unique and personal typography

It is possible that having found a name for your blog not see the need to create a logo, but prefer to find a good typography to simply write your name in style. In that case you have several options , among which classics like Dafont, Google Fonts or FontSpace.

To download free and free images

If you want to be an ethical blogger or do not want to see you involved in any kind of conflict for infringing copyright, it will be advisable that you make sure that all the images you use are free or have a Creative Commons license. The easiest thing in these cases is to pull pages OpenPhoto, Wikimedia Commons, 500px or any of the dozens that there are sections where to find free and free pictures.

But if you’re just looking for something specific, you also have at your disposal the search CC Search. With it you can search for videos, images and all kinds of multimedia content with Creative Commons on sites like Google, SoundCloud, Flickr or Pixabay. And if you want to look for another similar image to one that you saw TinEye is a reverse search really recommended.

In Search of Lost theme

If we said before much of the time spent for creating a new blog you can go to find a good name, certainly another task in which more time you ‘ll invest is that of giving i tan attractive appearance. Here you will be as important to know what you want as you do not want to whet your discards.

For starters, sites like Colorlib, Theme Hybrid , WPSHOWER, Compete Themes or the page of Wordpress have dozens of free themes for this platform, and others like Graph Paper Press, Gavick Pro or WPExplorer have free sections of material. If instead you are a blogger you have at your disposal other pages as BTemplates, Gooyaabi or MyBloggerThemes.

But platforms there are countless, so it is recommended you employ a couple of evenings searching introducing Google search terms such as “free” , “premium free” ,“themes” or “templates” by the blogging platform you’re using to access hundreds of thousands of possibilities. Lend special attention to specialized pages that collect the latest and most attractive free or paid themes.

Other tools

And finally we will suggest a few more varied tools that will make your first steps a little easier blogger. For example, if you have your own domain and hosting good will come to visit GoDaddy, one of the best prospectors network domains, and useful FTP client FileZilla that will help you move files to your hosting.

You’ve got not forget to Google Analytics to check your stats or plugging Disqus to manage in the best way possible your comments. You should also register yourself Feedly to organize your feeds, PickMonkey to have a complete and simple online image editor and Buffer or Hootsuite to manage your social networks.

And as we all work in the same way or consider essential the same basic tools, if you see that we have left some on our list feel free to leave us your suggestions in the comments to add the best article and make it as complete as possible.

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