YouTube allows its creators and video blur any object

At a time in which to preserve our privacy has become one of the key points persecuted by governments and companies, technological giants have been forced to launch specific tools that preserve our privacy and we provide minimum security guarantees.

YouTube is the case that, for a while, gives video creators the ability to blur the faces of the people involved in content. This initiative has now decided to further blur to allow or hide any object, even if it is in motion.

Image Source: Google Image

The new feature

Thus, the new feature is especially useful, for example, in the case of car number plates, explicit posters and so on that are sure you can think without too much effort and exceeding among others, the field of minors, people they have not consented to appear on the recording, and others.

If you want to use it, simply enter your YouTube channel and access the Video Manager. Then you must select the video you want to edit and click Edit. Then go to the tab enhancements and select the blur effects where finally find the protagonist of our article useful option: personalized Blur.

It activate also very intuitive, because you just have to start playing the video until it stops with whose privacy that want to preserve and draw a box around them with the mouse. Automatically, the area will appear blurred while in the plane (a feature that is appreciated). Remember to save your changes, republish … and ready! Related: Best Sites To Buy YouTube Views And Subscribers