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5 Must-Have Apps for College Students

Productivity is essential, especially with the busy schedule of a college student. There are countless smartphone apps that can help you along. If you’re one of the nearly three-quarters of all college students with a smartphone (according to a 2013 Pearson report), then you can manage your schedule, study routine, and note-taking. There are literally hundreds of college apps to choose from. Here are five that you absolutely should have to make college life easier. 1. Google Drive Free and cloud-based, this app allows you…

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Why is cross-browser testing important for your business website?

Browsers are a matter of preference and are designed to look and work in different ways. Therefore, no two browsers will be equal. Developers must be aware of the distinguishing features that set each browser apart from the others when they carry out software tests. Cross-browser testing is vital to ensure that software functions as desired, no matter which browser is being used. Image Credit Cross-browser testing explained With users habitually taking to Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox to…

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New Medical Advice App Is Being Trialled by the NHS

A London-based company, Babylon Health, has designed a smartphone app based on complex clinical algorithms which gives medical advice to patients; it is being trialled in London by the NHS. The App The app triages patients based on reported symptoms: they are asked a number of questions and are advised on these findings. The advice that is given is either self-care or a hospital referral or the patient is advised to make an appointment to see a GP. The trial is for six months and,…

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How do financial advisors feel about the prospect of ‘robo advisors’?

Robo Advice is an automated form of financial advice that is tailored to the individual, based on the information that individual provides online. For clients, particularly those who might be planning their retirements, it appears to be a cheaper and more convenient way to receive recommendations. Will it really replace the real thing? Professionals in the finance industry are divided. Image Credit A threat to advisory business Robo advice has been active in the UK since March this year, when the FCA gave it the…

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Tips to Help You Succeed as an Indie Mobile App Developer

It seems like only yesterday that Google predicted that the greatest number of searches would be conducted via mobile devices, prompting their now infamous Mobilegeddon. Their prediction actually came to pass long before their forward reaching target date and so now the news is not news but rather how to tap into an ever growing mobile market. Mobile apps are hot and if you are an indie mobile app developer, you should know that the competition is stiff out there so you just might be…

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3 Reasons Why Professional Web Design and SEO Go Hand In Hand

If you are ready for your first business website, you may be thinking about how best to go about it. In addition, you may also be thinking about optimizing your new website for search engine optimization, or perhaps you already have a site that you are happy with but are simply looking for SEO. In either case, you should look to a professional website designer and SEO company for the job. There are many reasons why these two services complement each other. A professional company…

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Facebokk Ads

6 out of 10 companies will increase their ad spending on Facebook

Social networks are essential for businesses, and not just to distribute content organically, provide another means of communication to the customer or to present their latest developments, also to use them as an advertising channel more. And indeed, it is an upward channel, where many companies plan to increase investment this year. For more tech news visit It is one of the conclusions found in a new study published by RBC Capital Markets and Ad Age, where it is also revealed that 57% of companies…

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Create a blog

You want to create a blog? These free resources will make your life a little easier

Although some may think they are passe, blogs continue to enjoy good health today. There are still thousands of people who decide to continue creating them, either to talk about their daily lives or to try to take their first steps in the world of specialized media. But creating a blog can be a more complicated than it appears task, and from choosing a name and a logo to determine which is the look you want to give him or try not to violate the copyright of others in your…

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