3 Destiny 2 activities you would like to pass with boosters

Have you ever played hardcore Diablo-like shooter with a developed social component? Well, Destiny 2 may seem to fit this description for many people. This game is full of grind, cool weapons, and content challenging to beat, so no surprise that players use boosting services often. Certainly, not every boosting company is the best choice for those who decided to use some help. Destiny 2 boosting options offered by the Leprestore team is probably the best Destiny 2 boosting service overall for their low prices and trusted customer support. However, not every in-game activity causes many problems to the players. Traditionally, Destiny 2 recovery is ordered in cases when someone struggles with some element of progression that requires precise coordination with your teammates. It is not the only reason for asking for help, so here we have prepared three activities among D2 carry services that you would probably like to buy the most.

Beyond Light is the latest expansion to Destiny 2.

Smart raiding and harmonious team

Raiding in Destiny 2 is not like raiding in massively multiplayer online games you might appear to be used to. Remember World of Warcraft? Bosses in every raid are challenging because of the gear level the party needs to beat them and the class knowledge each member has to master. For sure, raid leading in this game implies knowing the mechanics of bosses, but it can be rarely seen when the boss is entirely presented as some sort of a puzzle.

Vault of Glass is the new raid full of curious puzzles.

 Destiny 2 raids are 90% puzzle-structured. It implies that the team has to be well-coordinated and prepared to implement the rapid tactic movements. The latest raid called Vault of Glass, for example, uses the interesting concept of time-traveling to divide the players between two different timelines on its last boss, Atheon. The group which remains in the Vault has to communicate with their teammates from the other timeline, in which order the Oracles should be destroyed. The problem is that the way these groups see things is different, and thus they should coordinate with each other really well.

When professionals boost Destiny 2 players, they can avoid most problems related to both coordination and puzzle-solving. It happens so because people who work in Destiny 2 carry services explore information on the raid before it is even out. They have to deliver the best experience to the player. Thus each team they form is proficient in dealing with all the puzzle mechanics. I guess you would like to use some help from them since conquering the latest raids with a random team is a real headache.

Are you ready to beat Atheon? Prepare for a time walk!

Trials of PvP talents

Recently Bungie has added new PvP activity in the game. It is called Trials of Osiris and implies significant challenges for the players who want to get some fascinating rewards. You may have heard about them in the previous Bungie game, Destiny, and now it is returned to test your mastery in the making… win streaks.

Trials of Osiris imply that each week for several days, you can compete with other players in 3v3 matches on a defined map for the current week. For making certain amounts of wins, you may get cool weapons and pieces of armor sets. However, the most difficult part starts when you decide to achieve the best gear, the Adept guns.

It can be granted to you for becoming Flawless by making 7 wins in a row — a tough challenge even for the talented players. Cheap Destiny 2 carries offered by the companies like Leprestore can significantly ease your life if you plan to get the Adept gear. However, it is worth saying why the boosters are so useful here.

You can get Adept weapons and Armor sets by successfully finished Trials.

 Adept weapons are probably the best ones in the game, and possessing them means being able to play well in other activities too. However, at least two out of three people in your team have to know everything about their class and the map they are competing on for the best result. Boosters are taking you with them in such a service, and for the outstanding performance, they prepare well for each run. Besides, you can learn many things from their actions. Not only about how to play your class (if they boost you using the same one), but also how to use some techniques in PvP battles.

Fulfilling the Prophecy

Prophecy Dungeon runs became available to the players in the Season of Arrivals. It is now one of the most popular options among boosting services. Yes, it is just a dungeon, and you may ask, why should I order this in the list of Destiny 2 recovery services? The answer is quite obvious. It is because there are many unusual mechanics that only professionals can master on a decent level.

Prophecy Dungeon is an arcane thing even for talented players…

When you order Destiny 2 paid services, it traditionally happens because some content segments are too difficult to pass alone. In the case of the Prophecy Dungeons, you may also face an extreme challenge in reaching Flawless or Solo Flawless. Why not allow boosters to make it for you?

Besides, among other activities, Prophecy Dungeon is a bit boring to do on your own (and mastering it requires many failed runs), so it is not a surprise that many players turn to carry companies as a preferable variant for them. There are many other activities worth your attention, both from the perspective of fun you can get out of them and how comfortable it is to pass them.

… it does not stop them from getting the incredible Armor sets.


Destiny 2 is a game full of content that you can master for ages. Many people criticize its plot and main activities for their short duration. Still, the endgame stuff is what really takes your time. However, it also requires additional efforts from you. Some challenges will be really hard-to-beat, whether you play on PS5, Xbox Series X, or PC. Boosting companies like Leprestore might be an excellent way to start dealing with them. Helping each other makes us better players!