Automatic updates store

Automatic updates of the applications on your computer? This way you can manage them

With the arrival of the new platforms the applications have gained a force until then unknown. With the use Symbian apps was something residual and anecdotal but with iOS, Android and Windows Phone these have become a great force. An ecosystem is nothing without applications.

In this sense it is customary for our computer to connect to download updates frequently but this is a process that may sometimes not interested to carry out, at least not automatically and here we will explain how to configure updates to we do not interrupt at the wrong time.

Automatic updates store
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Assuming that it is always advisable to have updated the system and apps, the fact remains that we are many users who want to control when and what application update and that not everything comes given automatically.

To set up this way updates the applications on the shop Windows 10 only going to have to perform a few simple steps.

  • We must open the application store Windows and access our user profile.
  • Once inside we press the icon of our user
  • A new window under the name then open Settings.
  • In it we see a tab that we have here marked in yellow with the name Update Applications
  • If activated appear as we move the switch to the off option and have already set up automatic updates.

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As you can see it is a few simple steps that allow us to configure our computer to not perform automatic updates and we’re the ones who determine the time to be updated.

However we remember again that is convenient to have updated applications in order especially to correct security holes and to make use of the new enhancements that go incorporating.