Work from home jobs that pay well

In the post-COVID era, the concept of working from home has expanded to cover many more roles than ever before. Once simply the domain of the freelancer, working from home is an option for everyone now, from contractors to full-time salaried staff.

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However, some work-from-home jobs will always be more lucrative than others. So, what are the highest-paying work-from-home jobs right now?

Software Developer

A software developer’s work is varied but may include checking code for bugs, creating apps, coding software, managing databases, updating software/apps, and/or documenting changes. This is one of the best-paid work-from-home roles as it is highly skilled, but it does require you to have your own advanced computer systems. So despite the high hourly wage, you do need to factor in these costs.

Graphic Designers

Like software development, this requires specialist software and computers that can run it. Many graphic designers are freelance and can command high hourly rates for their work because it combines artistic and technological skills.

IT Support

This can now be offered remotely, especially when the support relates to software. IT support staff may be assisting colleagues, clients or customers with their use of an IT system. Wages vary based on how specialist the knowledge of the IT support needs to be.

Virtual PA

Being a virtual assistant¬† is an excellent way to work from home. Once an office-only role, this can now be performed entirely remotely. If you’re looking for a role as a virtual PA Winchester, you’ll find them listed here


This is a specialist role that can easily be performed remotely. Some people work as freelance accountants and will need to use their own software, others are employed and need to have access to the workplace software.

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These days it is easier than ever to find a suitable work-from-home role, and many are surprisingly lucrative. First, you need to decide if you would rather work for yourself or be employed, then think about whether you want to find a role you are currently trained for, or perhaps train to do something new.