Four Popular Aran Sweater Styles

Aran sweaters, which originate from the Aran Islands situated off the coast of Ireland, are renowned for their intricate patterns and traditional craftsmanship. They remain popular today and they are known for their versatility, regardless of your outfit.

Choose a stylish and classic men’s sweater

A traditional style features a combination of cable, diamond and basket stitches. Thick, heavy wool, natural off-white colour and a variety of complex patterns make up this fine sweater. The sweater comes in honeycomb, cable, diamond and moss stitches so you can choose a look that suits your personal preferences.

A fisherman’s sweater was originally worn by fishermen

Originally worn by fishermen, this style is practical and durable. Its key features include a dense, weather-resistant wool, often featuring cable stitches which symbolise the ropes and nets used by fishermen. Popular patterns include bold cable stitches, a basket weave and trellis designs. They are available from specialist suppliers such as, and in the fishermans sweater mens department, you can find a wide range of knits.

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What is an Aran cardigan?

This is a versatile and stylish option with an open front and buttons or a zip. It is easier to layer compared to a pullover and often includes pockets and a collar. Popular patterns include cable, diamond, and honeycomb stitches, with added features like collars.

It’s not only men who have been taking advantage of the style. According to The Times, singer Taylor Swift has inspired a rise in the wearing of Aran sweaters worldwide.

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Choose an Aran hooded sweater

This is a modern twist on the traditional Aran sweater, incorporating a hood for added warmth and style. Its features include this cosy hood and they often come in a slimmer fit than traditional styles. They may include a front pocket. The sweaters come in a range of designs from cable to zigzag, and you can even find honeycomb stitches. The sweaters may have additional detailing on the hood and pockets.

Each of these styles showcases the rich heritage and intricate craftsmanship of Aran knitting, making them timeless and popular choices for fashion.