You want to Buy your own first home, now you have been married for just over a year

You have been married for just over a year now and you and your husband have sacrificed, having a honeymoon, a car and any new clothes for all that time.  You have been living with your parents in their three-bedroom town house and although the four of you get on well, you have all decided that it’s the right time for the two of you to purchase your own home.

You have saved up a healthy sum of twenty-five thousand pounds and intend putting twenty thousand pounds down as a deposit and keeping the remaining five thousand to pay, the solicitors, estate agents and movers. The bank has agreed to lend you a two hundred thousand pounds mortgage, so all that’s left to do now is find the right property to buy as your first marital home.

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After trawling through endless estate agents lists and looking at several potential properties you think you may have found the one.  The tick list you have for your new home includes, at least two bedrooms, possibly three, a large, open plan kitchen diner, two reception rooms, a large family size bathroom, an ensuite in the main bedroom and a garage fitted with a new Garage Doors Swindon preferably installed by a company like so you can be sure that it’s built to last.  You would also love a garden to plant your own flowers and grow your own fresh fruit and vegetables. The two of you set off with slight trepidation to view the property, when you arrive, just before the estate agent, you can both already tell from the outside that this could potentially be your dream first home.  The moment you step through the front door together and see the long marble hallway leading off to a tasteful front room with a modern fireplace, you are smitten and can’t wait to see around the rest of the house.

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The extensive kitchen diner is perfect and the two large double bedrooms light and airy with the master having a lovely ensuite.  The family bathroom is spacious, and the walk-in shower a great size. All that’s left is to check out the garden and garage to make sure they fit your brief as well as the rest of the home.  Everything is as you dreamed, so you put in an offer straight away (above the asking price) and you have confirmation very quickly that the house is yours.

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