Why people are afraid of public speaking

If you were to ask a random person to stand on a stage and deliver a speech, they would probably run in the opposite direction. Public speaking is not something that comes naturally to most people, and when working in roles that require you to speak to a large audience, such as working as a trainer, teacher or consultant, it is crucial that you feel comfortable. Train The Trainer Courses like the ones from www.collegeofpublicspeaking.co.uk/courses/train-the-trainer can help give those in speaking roles the confidence they need.

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Taking risks to share your ideas, to speak about your work, and to present your solutions to problems that affect many people can be hard to do when you are afraid of public speaking. As a result, you may not be able to take risks and share your ideas or speak about your work. This can inhibit your growth both personally and professionally and may limit your ability to make a positive impact on others. As well as this, any negative experiences that you have with public speaking will make it harder for you to speak in public in the future because fear helps you to protect yourself from risky situations in the future.

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A speaker’s fear of public speaking is often not related to the quality of the content of the speech but rather to how he or she feels, thinks, or acts when faced with the decision to give an address in public.

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