dark web vs deep web

What are deep internet and dark internet?

All hidden network content is not indexed in regular search engines

The deep internet or ‘deep web’ represents internet content that is inaccessible from conventional search engines, and it is estimated that the part we all know about the internet represents only 15% of everything that exists, that is, 85 Remaining% is private information belonging to these networks.

All the information and pages that belong to these networks are not indexed in search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo, so to perform deep internet searches you must use other search engines.

The own IPS of the websites that are in the ‘deep web’ (especially in the Dark Web) are totally changing, so it is very difficult to discover who manages or administers a website and to be able to track it, for example, after committing a crime.

Anonymity is the main reason why deep internet is sometimes used for criminal purposes. All this also makes the information stored in the Deep Web very volatile, as it is continually changing its origin.

In the following image you can see the different parts in which this internet is divided, Surface Web, Deep Web, and Dark Web :

dark web vs deep web

Source: EP

As you can see, on the ‘surface web’ there are platforms that we all know as Yahoo, Google, Bing, Amazon or eBay. This is the most visible part of the Internet, which everyone can access from any browser using a common search engine, such as those mentioned.

Below is the ‘deep web’, which covers all content hosted on the Internet that is not indexed by conventional search engines. To access this type of content it is necessary to know its ‘url’, in this way the content is accessed without using any conventional search engine, but allowing access.

The content present on the deep internet does not have to be illegal. For example, someone could set up their own music streaming service to share it and this would be part of the ‘deep Web’.

Finally, there is the dark Internet (‘dark web’), the deepest part of the Internet, within the deep Internet. In this part, you will find a large part of the illegal content of the Internet, such as pornography, drug trafficking and even websites to hire criminal services, although you can also find discussion forums, information, multimedia content, among others.

To access all this last part of content it is necessary to use specialized software, such as TOR. With this tool, the user can anonymously access the dark Internet and use search engines to find different content. Some search engines used in the ‘dark web’ are Torch, Grams, Onion. City, etc.

It should be remembered that you have to be very careful with browsing on these types of networks, since much of the content is illegal and, in addition, we can be the target of ‘malware’ or attacks by criminals with the simple act of accessing and diving within it.