Yes, I still use Opera as only browser

Opera is one of the old rockers the world of browsers. He has been with us since 1994, although this time he has never blunted too and their use has been somewhat marginal. In addition, in 2013, its developers decided to abandon the development of its Presto engine to switch to WebKit, a restart of the project that by coming together with the loss of some of its features made many users abandon. But there are still many who continue to use it, not as…

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Android apps player

7 free applications to use Android apps and games on your PC

After several years hearing about the possibility that Android and Chrome OS will converge, this morning we awakened us with the news that Google could be about to take the applications Android operating system in the cloud, would integrate the Play Store directly into Chrome OS. Although it is still early to know if this new feature will also come to the Chrome browser so that we benefit from it all users, not we can forget that today we still have available alternatives to use Android apps on your PC without need for…

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Google Chrome

What does it serve Google Chrome is the most used browser?

Seven and a half years. That’s how long it took Chrome crowned most widely used browser worldwide. It is already unanimously, because although according to Statcounter data that had already happened months ago, in NetApplications Marketshare data which are measured differently formed revealed that there was still ground to conquer. This has happened during the month of April, in which the browser Google has surpassed finally Microsoft browsers, Internet Explorer and Edge. The market share of the desktop browser – in mobile things are very…

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Could Google fix its total failure in social buying Telegram?

What happens to Google in the field of instant messaging? The search giant should be able to compete in this market, but surprisingly none of his attempts in this segment have achieved the expected results. Now we have known the rumors that speak of potential interest in buying Telegram 1,000 million dollars, and although Telegram denies these negotiations, something good would that do? Hard to say, but this instant messaging application is the only one that has managed to stay as a real alternative to…

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Apps for your children

Apps for your children to eat well

While a diet balanced is the key to good health and although this should be tailored to all stages of our lives and habits; the truth is that carry adequate food is fundamental for the little ones. The reason? It will not only determine its growth in physical terms, but that influence mental development, will influence your mood and lay the groundwork for that, as an adult, is nourished properly. Unfortunately, it getting home tries certain dishes not always easy, especially if we are unable…

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Magic Cleaner

How to automatically delete photos you receive from WhatsApp with Magic Cleaner

No matter how much storage capacity you have your phone, sooner or later you’ll need more. That is why applications proliferate to free up space on your phone, whether small monsters as Clean Master or other more specific as Gallery Doctor or Slidebox. Magic Cleaner is more like the latter, although he specializes in WhatsApp. Yes, you remember all those memes, funny pictures and selfies you have received for months in WhatsApp and you never erased? Magic Cleaner analyzes your photos received WhatsApp and categorizes…

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Microsoft Word Flow

Microsoft Word Flow has come to iOS and is one of the best keyboards on the Apple platform

Users of Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile can boast of many things and although applications for the platform are not just a source of pride (quantity especially) if it is true that there are some notable like this that concerns us and not which is another Microsoft keyboard. Microsoft Word Flow as it is called is a fabulous keyboard that stands out for its learning functions while the user often used (the more you write best suited to the terminology you use) and their…

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