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Six uses of Telegram beyond talking to your friends

Telegram is one of the best messaging applications available today. It has its defenders and detractors, although it seems that something is agreed on something: technically it is well, being the biggest snag that not everyone uses it. Little can be done about it, although the truth is that Telegram can also be useful for many more things besides talking to your friends. Perhaps it does not reach the height of Allo, which I baptized as the best messaging application to speak alone, but it…

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Make screenshots of a whole chat conversation with LongScreenshot

For one reason or another, we’ve all met on one occasion taking repeated screenshots of one conversation and then passing them on to the other person. If the conversation is very long, the task is hell for you, the captor, and the poor person in charge of reading the result. Luckily, there is an application for it. Its name is LongScreenshot and allows you to do just that, vertical screenshots that automatically join together creating a single, elongated image, easier to share and read. You…

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coloring apps

Nine coloring apps for adults

To this day, on an Android device can do almost anything for which we had to spend paper. We can read a book, we can make the list of the purchase, write the ideas that we go through the head for the future best-seller (or failure), and even color without spending our precious paintings. A task that has always seemed suitable for the youngest of the house has also proved to be a relaxing activity for adults. I have to admit that it pisses me…

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Photo edit applications

Nine almost indispensable applications to work with your photos in Windows

When it comes time to work with our pictures on the computer or our phone or tablet is often raised the question What application can I use? And it is that the catalog of options is almost incapable, with options for all tastes and styles. Each one has their preferences according to their needs, but at the time of establishing a list yes we could list the most popular ones. This is the purpose of this guide. To make known what can be the seven…

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Backup Android

Backing up your data on Android

Our smartphones store very important things about us under that adorable chassis they have. They can contain our contacts closest (and far), very nice or very private photos, our progress in a game, and even some files that can be critical at some point. All that I have mentioned and more, if not for the blessed backups you could get lost in the moment to renew our phone or suffers a terrible accident. There are multiple ways to save our data, and we are going…

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Five apps to create funny videos to share with your friends

Do you like to play the fool and create fun videos? Me too, although sometimes the time needed to do so pulls me back a bit. Fortunately, the future has already arrived, and there are many applications that make fooling easier than ever. This time we have selected five applications with which you can create funny videos with different themes directly to mobile, without being a systems engineer or spend all afternoon video editing on the PC.

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Google Contacts

How to merge duplicate contacts with the new version of Google Contacts

Google seems to be busy all the time even though we do not hear from them. When you are not buying companies, it is doing research on the most varied, and it is when not looking to improve their applications and services that we suffered their users can enjoy it all. One of the applications that an improvement is needed contacts Google, which was lack of organization and suited a little facelift. Those in Mountain View have put their hands to work and, at least…

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Why is it so much about the Facebook application?

At the time of this writing, the latest official version of Facebook is the, an APK that, as you can see in APKMirror, occupies exactly 72.73 MB. Given that Facebook is reputed to optimize their applications pretty bad, we cannot help but wonder is that too much? Why does it occupy so much? To get to the bottom of the matter we have rolled up their hands and put their APK on the stretcher to perform the autopsy. At the end, we decide if…

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LinkedIn comes to the pass and denies that your app will stop receiving support in Windows Phone

We have spoken here on different occasions [the purchase that Microsoft made with LinkedIn at the time. A purchase to have more presence within social networks in labor and with which many would think from Redmond to enhance labor app social network. But apparently is not being all so pleasant to LinkedIn from Since his passing at the hands of Microsoft, at least if we look at facts as the disappearance of the app in Russia or this that concerns us and which features to…

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Magic video codecs

Magic video codecs: This is how Netflix offers content downloading to see them offline

The most anticipated news from Netflix : the ability to download movies and complete series for viewing offline, without internet connection. These early days of tests have shown that this new option is especially surprising how well it works and the few limitations of. The question is how is it possible that it works so well? The videos do not take up too much (high quality hour and a half around 1.2 GB of space) and the definition of the content is really remarkable, so…

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