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How to stop chrome from blocking downloads

How to stop chrome from blocking downloads?

Google Chrome is a browser with many useful features. Unfortunately one of these features is not to allow the user to download files from the internet directly. If you try using this feature, there will be an error message saying “To prevent malicious downloads, Google Chrome has blocked access to file <download_path>. To keep your computer safe, Google Chrome will not allow you to access this file.”

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wearing baseball caps

Do’s and don’ts of wearing baseball caps

Baseball caps are a wardrobe classic the way your t-shirt and jeans are. These caps are timeless sportswear that has stayed as a staple in the closet of a sportsman. Irrespective of profession, gender, age, or time, baseball hats are for different events. Grown men, young children, or women, these hats are ideal for everybody. Whether you are going for sports, office work, or a wedding party, you can wear baseball caps everywhere. They will suit different occasions provided you have the confidence to carry…

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How To Make Mushroom Soup In Minecraft

How To Make Mushroom Soup In Minecraft?

The soup is a delicious culinary preparation. Who can forget the magnificent Grandma’s soup? The answer is: nobody, soup is a liquid food with small pieces of solids. The most popular are: chicken and Beef. There are infinities of types and recipes to make Soup. Even in Minecraft World, we have our own Recipe. It is the revitalizing Mushroom Soup, very effective to consume when our Hunger level is critical. If Are you interested in knowing How to make Mushroom Soup in Minecraft? Continue reading…

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