Bike Frame Size Measuring

How to Avoid Bike Frame Size Measuring Mistake

Here we have discussed some biggest mistakes in choosing the correct frame size. For yourself, both for the road, bikes and mountain bikes and triathlon bikes, whatever the kind of the bike is.

Frame Size

We are making those mistakes because the manufacturers do size their frames in a weird way. It’s been changed.

It’s been changing a little bit for a couple of years now, but it’s still wrong. Number one, road bikes, how the road bike frame is being sized. You can find 52 54 56, 58, 57, 60 centimeters frame size.

It will just tell you what’s the distance between the middle, the center of the head tube, and the joint between the top tube and the situ that’s it. You still don’t know where you are going to be.

You’re going to be sitting because you don’t know the angle of the seed chips and it’s just 56, 54. I usually ride 56. I could as well write 54 or 58 for different bikes, mistake number two.

That’s the way how the manufacturers are sizing the mountain bikes. We think and you can find bikes like 46, 47, 48, 49 centimeters.

It’s important to know bike measuring so check this article on how to measure a bike frame step to follow.

That’s the length in the MTB case why is it so I don’t know, because what this info is telling us not much. It’s the distance between the center of the bottom bracket and then the joint between the top tube and the seat tube.

It doesn’t even tell you how high you’re sitting, because let’s say you’re choosing between 48- and 46-centimeters size frames but you can adjust your seat post by let’s say eight centimeters without putting too much pressure on the seat post and the frame.

Let’s say this is the light here and then the other one through the center of the. Top of the, of the headship, like here, then the distance between this line and this line.

Bike Position

That’s the reach very wise thing because we are measuring the distance between two points, which do not change. You can change the height of bicycle saddle.

Let me show you if this is very simple and it tells you so much about the bikes. So let’s just sit on the bike.

So, this was the length of the top tube. Pretty much useless the length of the site pretty much useless. Now look about stacking reach.

Let’s say we have, this is, this is the bike with stuck in reach. Now my reach being shorter means moving.

The stack being higher puts me into a more awkward position. So, the endurance bikes, which are more upright, comfier, and the entry-level bikes, for example, will have shorter or longer reach.

This angle puts me into, for example, triathlon bike position, or just racing by position, or just like endurance bikes, bike position.

So, this is very important and the funny thing is that these two very important dimensions. So the reach and the stack are usually at the end of the geometry charts.


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