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How to tag on Instagram

Instagram has become the most popular social network of the moment. Throughout this year, many new functions and new services have been incorporated into the social network. All designed to give some additional uses. Although the main purpose of most users is still to upload photos to share with your friends. But how to tag on Instagram?

When uploading photos on Instagram, we have the possibility to tag those photos. Most likely, this is something you have done on occasion. Although for those users who are taking their first steps in the application, it may be something new. Therefore, we explain what it is and how it is used next.

 tag on Instagram

What is tagging a photo on Instagram?

Tagging is a very common action in the popular social network. When we upload a photo, we can add tags, so that other people or profiles in the social network are mentioned in said photo. If you upload a photo on Instagram where you go with a friend, if that person has a profile on the social network, you can tag him/her. So you can see what’s in that photo. We can do it with all those accounts that are in the social network.

It is something that is also done frequently when someone wants to show the brand of a certain product they have bought. Then, label the brand in the photo, on the product, so that interested people can know. It is a tool that can be very useful.

Since users who want to promote themselves on Instagram also use it frequently. For example, if a photographer uploads a photo of a specific site, it is usual to label in that photo some official page of the determined site. Thus, you can gain exposure and that page takes note of the work of that person, so it is another way to gain followers.

It is a feature that can be taken much advantage in tag on Instagram. That’s why it’s good to know how to use it, because it can help you. In your profile on the social network, at the top, just above the photos. You can see your publications come out, those that you have saved and also the photos where you have been tagged at some time. So it’s easy to see it at all times.

While it is a very useful tool, you have to bear in mind that there is a limit of labels per photo. Instagram allows you to tag up to 20 accounts in a photo you upload. There is no possibility to tag more. Although, be careful to tag too many people, if you want to promote. Since labeling too many people gives an image of spam.

How to tag on Instagram

If you want to use the function of tag on Instagram, it’s something really easy to do. The social network gives us two options in this regard when it comes to tagging a photo. We can do it in the process of uploading a photo in the social network, before we publish it. But, we also have the possibility to tag a photo even after we have published it.

So that we can use the function at all times. Then we show you how it is possible to do it in the two situations that the social network raises.

 tag on Instagram

Label before posting

When you upload a photo on Instagram, you have to take a series of steps before the photo is published on your profile. We have the possibility to edit this image in several ways, with filters or by modifying the size of the photo. One of the steps you have to follow before uploading allows you to tag the photo in question. You will see that the text label photo appears on the screen, as we show you in the image below.

Here you will be able to tag all the people you want, taking into account that the maximum is located in 20 accounts. To be able to label someone, you simply have to click on the photo, anywhere you want, or on a specific person if you want to tag it. Not only people, you can also tag brands or any account that is in the social network.

By doing this, you get a text asking who is the person you want to tag. Next, what you have to do is write the name of the account of the person you are going to tag. You then select the account and you have already labeled this person. Repeat the process as many times as necessary. Once the process is completed, do you give the symbol with? And you give the last touches to the photo (text, etc.) and you are ready to upload to the social network.

Label after posting

Like we said at the beginning, Instagram also allows you to tag a photo after you’ve posted it. In this case, the way to get it is really simple. You simply have to go to the photo that you have uploaded in your profile. You have to enter then in that publication.

Next, click on the three vertical points that appear in the upper right part of the photo. By doing this, a series of options appear on the screen. One of these options is to edit the photo, which is the one that interests us in this case. You will see then, that on the photo you will leave the possibility of labeling other people.

Then, you can tag other people or remove the tag from someone you have mistakenly tagged in this photo. Again, once you have finished with the process, you simply have to click on the? Icon. This way, you have tagged a photo on Instagram after it was published. Also in this case we have a maximum limit of 20 labels. This is something that does not change in the social network.

No matter how new or old a photo tag on Instagram is. You will always be able to edit it and add new tags, or remove some if it is what you want. As you can see it is something simple to achieve.