Microsoft buys Beam

Microsoft buys Beam and gives a step forward in the transmission of streaming games

An increasing number of users who like to upload their games while playing on their consoles is greater. The improvement in the speed of the network and the influence of social networks have made this phenomenon that so far had a reference as was Twitch.

However from Redmond to perish wanted to go a step further and be themselves owners of a service that would allow this function without relying on a third party, something that ultimately have managed to buy Beam, the popular service that allows transmit streaming time Real our games.

Microsoft buys Beam
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Thus Beam will be integrated into the Xbox ecosystem so that users and streamers can have a more direct and without intermediaries through while the Xbox gaming experience is improved. So Xbox users can broadcast their games live and communicate via chat, and taking a step, can play directly with users who subscribe to their transmissions.

A purchase, of which even the price is not known that Microsoft has paid but which Chad Gibson, one of those responsible for Xbox Live, is deeply satisfied.

We are very excited about this convergence between playing and see and we want to provide players the freedom and choice to have a great multiplayer experience Beam. This acquisition will help players to enjoy the games they want, with the players they like and the devices they prefer.

And how the movement is demonstrated walking have uploaded a video to channel Xbox on YouTube where you can see how the service works while making use of Minecraft and the truth is that aspect it offers and the possibilities are quite interesting.

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In addition, if we saw how happy they were from the side of Microsoft with statements by Chad Gibson, from Beam, Matt Salamendi, CEO and co – founder of the company he has stated that the team Beam continue to work with the intention of improving the service going with security to be integrated into Xbox Live.

As part of Xbox, we can climb faster, expand our team, strengthen our infrastructure and continue to increase the community we have created at this time.

Thus from Microsoft put a tough competitor not only to Twitch, but also to YouTube and not too long is more than likely to see an application of Beam integrated into the Xbox One or the new Xbox One S.