Outlook Calendar

Microsoft improves Outlook Calendar in order to improve the control and management of meetings

Microsoft continues to work on improving the most important applications through regular updates. Is about Windows 10 Update May 2019 and with the arrival of this new revision of Windows come improvements such an iconic application as is the Outlook Calendar feature.

One of the most used applications within the Windows platform’s Outlook Calendar with this update improves usability with some interesting news. Adds and improvements of operation that Microsoft announced a few minutes ago and that will allow to schedule and organize meetings more quickly and easily.

Outlook Calendar: Greater control of the meeting

Meeting Form: When you create the form for a meeting you can now choose between mandatory or optional assistant. It is no longer necessary to open Scheduling Assistant or the Address Book.

Programming Assistant: Now for easy organization, under the Programming Assistant tab in Outlook, when you enter a name, Microsoft’s intelligent services automatically suggest names of the people you work with most frequently and invite them to the meeting.

Room Finder: Room Finder allows you to book accommodation in different locations.

Default duration: You can now change the default duration for new appointments and meetings. In addition, you can accumulate downtime between meetings and add it to the end.

Time zones: Ideal for virtual meetings, since attendees will see the meeting schedule on the day and month of their local time instead of the organizer’s time. It is also allowed to see up to three time zones.

Tracking attendees: Outlook shows tracking information, even for meetings that we have not organized in the same company.

Response options: Greater control of the meeting is allowed by adding a new option that prevents forwarding to prevent optional or mandatory attendees from forwarding the invitation to others.

Automatically reject reminders of past calendar events: A handy option is added that automatically deletes meeting reminders that have already been held and are therefore not necessary in the calendar.

Show reminders at the top of other windows: A new option to display reminders at the top of the desktop windows.

These improvements are in addition to others that we have already seen and which are already available, although to access them we must be subscribed to Office 365.